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    • Well I have suggested that Both the slums and that mission in the lakes either go with a better mission where ai dont respawn and dont aim bot you from 1.5KM away haha and i have been looking for those missions but cant find them on the exile mod forums if you find any decent ones there link them to this post mate so we can look into adding them for trials. As for the spawning on team would be kind of OP but the deploying of the quad bike is currently being looked into.
    • Hello there, reader. My name is Kry, or Kryptro, otherwise known too some australians as Wuffles.  I'm an American who's best mates with Snipes, I play on most servers he tends to play on. I'm shit at CQB, I'm shit at Driving, I'm shit at Building, I'm shit at Gathering Resources, I'm shit at everything but piloting. If I'm ever your pilot, you will have no regrets. Anyways yeah, fuck me.
    • So, what I was thinking of a possibility, is too add the ability to spawn on teammates/squad mates. I know, it sounds pretty stupid, but think about it. It's AIDS to spawn miles away from where you died, or if you get merked by an AI. Either that or some type of bed respawn point in the base, I don't know how you'd add these, but it'd be great if they were added. I am fully aware this can be abused in Combat, but another suggestion is, if you add this make it so if an enemy is nearby, we can't spawn back on our teammate. (Excluding AI)   Another Suggestion is moving the Mercenary base further into the salt lake because when you're driving down the main road from Sofia, they'll lock onto you and completely destroy you. It honestly sucks, and I've died many times from it.   Another is to add the ability to spawn a quad bike in the XM8 Menu, this'd be great if you don't add the Spawn Points on teammates option.    Another, and in my opinion somewhat needed, is to add more "simple" missions, and small missions. EX: Ambush Convoy, Invade (town), Armed Transports, Assassinate VIP, ect...   I have a lot more suggestions, but let's start with these.
    • Proud to announce our successful launch of our Altis Exile server. If you own Arma 3 and like Exile Mod we would like to invite you to our server Hope to see you online.

      Direct Connect:

      Kind Regards, Elite IV - Owner & Developer of [XtG] - Xtreme Tactical Gaming Community AU/NZ

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