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XtG Community AU - Australia Life RPG - Advertisement Post / How To Play!

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Welcome to the official advertisement thread for XtG Community's Australia Life Server!

Information Links:

Development Logs

XtG Community AU - Australia Life RPG (Required Mods)


All you now require to do before attempting to join the server is to make sure you're subscribed to the workshop item pasted just above in the information links section of this thread.


1: Subscribe to the workshop item

2: Launch Arma 3's Launcher and click on the "Mods" tab, Then make sure the workshop item is enabled

3: After that simply click play and look for our server with the name/connection info below or use our Server Launcher. (COMING SOON)


XtG Community AU/NZ | Australia Life RPG HD | Workshop Mod

Current Server Patch: V0.a0



Direct Connect:


Map Version: 5.0.9 -> WARNING: This version of the Australia map does require Apex DLC in order to function 100% correctly. However. You can still play on the server regardless if you do not have the DLC. You may experience missing buildings and textures in certain areas.


We are using the Altis Life 5.0 Framework as a base for our own Framework, Special thanks to the maintainers of Altis Life RPG. Check out their community forums.


Mods officialy run on the server:

Australia Map (5.09)

Community Based Addons A3
Enhanced Movement

Enhanced Visuals

Enhanced Soundscape

DynaSound 2



Feature Highlights of the server:

Persistent Wanted System

Player Data / Item & Clothing Saving

Enhanced Gameplay - Environment Sounds, Player Movements & Visuals

Role-Play as Police, Ambulance, Civilian, Gang Leader/Member

Battery & Toilet System

Economy System






In the year 2019 a country called Australia there lived a population of people of 22 million residents and counting. All mixed of Cops, Medics, Rebels, Civilians, Military Personal and more. It was a everyday life up until the crises of the economy crash. Everything like cars, food, jobs and resources including drugs and guns dropped dramatically in price putting the state at warfare, the people never really knew the truth to why the economy crashed. Rumor had it that some high head was controlling the markets and then died. But out there somewhere was a group of rebels. The resistance of the civilians. The only people left in Australia that wasn't killed and know what the real truth of what happened to the economy. The economy was destroyed by the Government in a attempt to take over Australia and turn the Civilians into slaves. The rebels hide and gather funds in the illegal lands just south of the restricted border where no government agent dares to cross. In the realistic world Civilians still think rebels are bad and do things for a bad cause and the Government doing things for a good cause. The rebels yet have something to prove to the population of Australia.



Proudly Supported By:









Special thanks to:



The Altis Life Community
Streamline Servers

XtG Development Team
Tonic [Altis Life Framework Conversion]


Media - Videos & Screenshots



















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Sorry to bother you with this, but I can't find the Arma 3 Australia life server, please help.


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18 hours ago, Clark said:

Sorry to bother you with this, but I can't find the Arma 3 Australia life server, please help.



Hello Clark! Sorry about the late reply. Our server has literally been placed online in Alpha testing about 10 minutes ago via this reply. You may find connections settings on this updated post or use, Please be aware the server is in heavy ALPHA and will be updated a lot in this weeks development tasks. ->


Connection Information:


Kind Regards, Elite IV - Owner & Developer of XtG Community AU/NZ


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