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Elite IV

[RuneScape 3] Authentic XP Clan Ranking System V4 - RELOADED

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Authentic XP Ranking System V4

RELOADED From V1 2010 - 2016


This is the official ranking system of Authentic XP.

This is a rough draft that will be updated overtime.


"1. of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine."

Loyalty | Integrity | Honor


No Compulsory Events

No Requirements

Citadel Work Not Compulsory

Citadel Tier 2 / 1 Avatar

Social / Skilling / Bossing / Questing

Australia Based / International Accepted

All Skills



Due to RuneScape 3 Forums deleting our ranking system randomly even when our post is set to public we have be forced to make a backup post here on this forums board.



Our clan has so much history with RuneScape itself, we can date back all the way from 2010.


Here is our list of clan names we owned. You can even search these names in the RuneScape Hi-Scores database to check it out.

For years i have been playing RuneScape and i have created communities upon my adventures, The active long chats we would have and the questing, skilling and bossing we would encounter! Those were the days. I will never forget what RuneScape has taught me growing up, it was never easy for a kid like me with Autism and ADHD but among many people that stand together i can be partly proud that i am over average awesome!


#Leadership Skills

#Social Skills






EliteSaradominGrims [2011]

Saradomin Union [2014]

1Bit Evolution [2015]

Authentic XP [2016]


There are 11 ranks in the system. (12 including the Owner Rank, but that is unable to be given out.)

Our ranking system sides with the XP you create while being apart of our clan / community.

Each milestone reach will give you a promotion in the clan, giving you more rights and leadership pointers.

Sometimes we average whether a player should be instantly promoted without requiring any of these commitments due to personality or support of the clan and how much they commit. If you really want to get involved and show us you want to be part of us then treat it like it is your clan.



Stock rank upon official joining Authentic XP

Can collect resources/skill in the clan citadel
Can use the resource checker

Can invite other players to join the clan



15m Created XP Milestone Rank



30m Created XP Milestone Rank



50m Created XP Milestone Rank

Kick players who are guests in the clan chat



100m Created XP Milestone Rank

Can create events on clan noticeboard
Can edit the clan battlefield



300m Created XP Milestone Rank



500m Created XP Milestone Rank

Can kick guests and clan members
Can take out clan avatars if their clan job is set to avatar warden
Can edit ranks of clan members below them
Can prevent clan members with lower ranks from entering the clan citadel



750m Created XP Milestone Rank

Greater ability to edit the citadel e.g. marking building and skill plots for upgrade or downgrade, locking skill plots, setting objectives for resource gather.



1b Created XP Milestone Rank



1.5b Created XP Milestone Rank

Can change edit rank of lower ranked clan members, including organisers and administrators, and remove them from the clan


Deputy Owner

2b Created XP Milestone Rank

Can edit the rank of lower ranked clan members, including overseers, and remove them from the clan
Become owner of the clan in the event of current owner leaving



This rank cannot be given out.

Can edit the rank of all clan members, including deputy owners, and remove them from the clan
Can kick an unlimited number of players for the clan (other ranks may kick a maximum of 2 people per day)
Change citadel build tick



To find our how much XP you have created in the clan check this link out -> http://services.rune...ze=15&pageNum=1


We are not affiliated with RuneScape, RuneScape is a trademark of Jagex. We will not share information with this company.

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