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Elite IV

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Suspicious Player Watchlist

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This is a watch list created by the XtG Community in order to keep track of potential cheaters.


After some serious reputation growth in XtG Community AU/NZ, we've decided to take the consideration of removing people that are representing XtG Community in a negative way. What we mean by this is cheaters, players that do not want to take the time to learn the mechanics of the game and ruin the experience for others. The creation and purpose of this watch list was inspired by the Australian / New Zealand Counter Strike: Global Offensive community. If you're playing with a person that is on the list below, They're not legit. If they seem like it they are probably hiding it, or somewhat most players use the term "Toggle On/Off".


Hackers / Cheaters - A lot of people use the term "Hackers", They are not hackers. They do not modify the game values that effect other players. Only themselves, Also most players that cheat have no software development or coding background, this knowledge is required to bypass the VAC system (Valve Anti Cheat), also known as "Reverse Engineering". So due to this, many players usually go after private cheat providers and pay a fee in order to get access to a program known as a "Loader" which transfer a program over a SSL network connection to a client so it cannot be stolen/modified/copied because it's encrypted and you would have to be a serious hacker (Near Professional) to tamper with it. Moral of this paragraph is that the proper term to call these pathetic players are "Cheaters" not hackers.



More will be updated...

Profile links marked red are currently not banned or have been caught yet, The CSGO Community should be aware of these players. - If you would like to report someone please paste a link of your youtube video and some brief commentary of why you think they are cheating, player's ID's will not be added if there isn't enough evidence or a public decision and overall choice. Constructive criticism is always allowed.



Not Caught - Still Playing CS:GO

Caught - Banned from CS:GO Official Servers




Hyundai Getz - ESP Usage & Legit Type Aimbot/Aim Assist

Chabuzz - ESP Usage & Legit Type Aimbot/Aim Assist

vro - ESP Usage & Rage Type Aimbot/Aim Assist & Spinbot

Silent - ESP Usage & Rage Type Aimbot/Aim Assist

Morty Smith (C-137) - ESP Usage & Potential Legit Type Aimbot/Aim Assist

monkey - Spinbot

Mr Moonman - ESP Usage & Legit Type Aimbot/Aim Assist

RuinNZ - ESP Usage

LMNTRIX - ESP Usage & Legit Type Aimbot/Aim Assist

Ango - Unknown Lmao (Live VAC Ban)

Windex Cleaner - ESP Usage & Legit Type Aimbot/Aim Assist

BOT TOM - ESP Usage & Spinbot & Rage Type Aimbot/Aim Assist

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