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Elite IV

Upcoming plans for our Arma 3 server and latest news!

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Hey everyone, so some of you are probably wondering what's going on with our Arma 3 server "Australia Life RPG HD". Well, we've decided to halt development work on the server due to lack of motivation or player base to test functions/features. Don't stress but :P for those of you that do love the server, it'll remain online but with less patches every somewhat fortnight. This being said though, we're re-opening our Altis Life HD framework server which was a great rpg server back in the day due to how unique it was from other servers, being built from the ground up. It was a fun and different experience for everyone back in the day. We hope to bring those days back. It's a fully flecthed framework that I've already worked on in the past months before our Australia Life RPG HD project so this server would be pretty much ready to go, with a few bugs here and there. They'll surely be patched in no time and due to the fact that you don't need mods to join Altis Life HD, it will help us not only grow our player base but also our Australia Life RPG HD server. (Potentially.) With another even awesome news to keep our Australia Life RPG HD server in the loop, we've also decided upon reopening Altis Life RPG HD that we'll be merging the database together so that if you've earned money on Australia Life RPG HD, you can use it on Altis Life RPG HD :) HOW FREAKING AWESOME! Along with your player skills, levels and other associating account data.


More to come! Other news from that I'll be away no longer than a fortnight as I'm upgrading my internet plan so that it's much more stable for the future as it's required. I see that our Insurgency servers are doing really well so we've decided to open 4 of them up and possibly another one but for PVP. Who knows :) anyways. Stay safe XtG Community and I'll see y'all shortly in a fortnight :)


Kind Regards, Elite IV - Owner & Developer of [XtG] - Xtreme Tactical Gaming Community AU/NZ

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