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Elite IV

Altis Exile | Development Logs

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Started XtG Community AU/NZ's Altis Exile 0.a1
Edited XM8 Server Rules.
Implemented status bar.
Implemented introduction music and credits.
Implemented new dynamic health, hunger and thirst icons.
Implemented AI Missions. (DMS & Occupation)
Implemented infiSTAR Anti Cheat & Admin Tools.
Military buildings and complexes will have roaming AI patrolling the area.
The sea will now have roaming AI on boats.
The max amount of AI that can spawn in a group is now 5.
The max amount of gear crates that will spawn is now 3 at a time.
The amount of AI guarding the gear crates is now 5.
Gear crates can now be airlifted with appropriate aircraft.
Gear crate loot has been heavily improved.
The amount of AI guarding the heli crash sites is now 3.
Heli crash site loot has been heavily improved.
Implemented ship wreck missions.
The max amount of ship wreck missions that will spawn is now 2 at a time.
Modified infiSTAR to run with Exile mod.
Updated status bar to show inventory poptabs and respect.
Removed background on status bar due to safezoning issue.
Implemented igiLoad system.
Slot machine xm8 app now cost 50 poptabs to play and a chance to win 15,000 pop tabs.
Implemented ZCP - Zupa's Capture Points system.
Fixed status bar not updating information of respect and inventory poptabs in real-time due to loop issue.

Removed ammo re-packer function from the scroll wheel.

Removed status icons hud.

Number of gear crates that will spawn at a time is now 2.

Gear crate possible loot has been nerfed by 70%.

The max amount of poptabs that you can store in your locker is now 150,000.

Gear crates will only spawn when there are 5 players on the server.

Implemented natural disasters script.

Server restarts have been implemented and is now every 4 hours with notifications.

Updated infiSTAR's whitelisting ID's for the spawn screen.

Changed bambi state mode length to 10 minutes.
Changed spawn zone radius to 1km.
Added all standard civilian cars to possible car spawns.
Changed vehicle spawn grid size to 1km.
Changed the amount of vehicles that spawn per grid to 3.
You now get 50 bonus respect points for every 100 meters in distance of kill.
You now get 150 bonus respect if it's the first kill on the server since restart.
You now get 200 bonus respect if you kill someone in your own territory.
You now get 300 bonus respect if you kill someone in their own territory.
Being killed from a NPC now only cost 2% of your overall respect.

Re-wrote loot table system.

Players will now spawn with a 45. ACP handgun and 1 magazine clip.

Players will now spawn with night vision goggles.

New players will receive 20,000 pop tabs as starter funds.

Implemented R3F system.

Implemented ExAd system.

Implemented fog script for night time.

Fixed issue with not being able to receive pop tabs and respect for waste dumping certain vehicles.

Implemented new loading and spawn screen image.

Increased required respect for certain level entities.

Implemented server login rewards system.

More roaming AI vehicles will spawn. (Up to 20.)

DMS system will now show systemChat notifications just in-case toast messages don't work for some players.

Disabled infiSTAR jumping & anti-lag switch feature.

Disabled earthquakes event.

Implemented key handler class for jumping function. (Spacebar)

Implemented key handler class for holstering and un-holstering weapon. (SHIFT + H, CTRL + H)

Implemented key handler class for 2 gesture animations "Hi & Nod". (SHIFT + F2, SHIFT + F3)

Implemented key handler class for information page. (SHIFT + F11)

Reduced drop point mission points to 10 from 25.





Merging the XTG FRAMEWORK (XTGALRPG & XTGALRPGHD Framework) into the Exile framework is going to be a very time consuming project but it will change Exile gameplay so much that i'm sure players will trip the hell out even when it's 50% complete. Every piece of function that i implement successfully i literally get of my chair and start dancing. The XTG FRAMEWORK was used in our previous life servers. If anyone is familiar with our life servers we had so much damn content that players were enjoying themselves regardless of playerbase.


Content includes:

Drug Fields & Farming - This will be used on the exile framework for grinding respect and pop tabs.

Animal Gutting - We'll do something cool with this, could probably give you raw meats or something? Not sure yet. But it's possible.

Virtual Items & Vehicle Virtual Inventory - This will be used to store the virtual items aka Drugs and Misc items.

Player Menu & Player Virtual Inventory - This will be uses to keep track of the players virtual inventory and bank pop tabs / respect.

Action Key & Game Key Handler - This is used to easily bind functions and scripts to a key when it's pressed. For example. Jumping with the spacebar.

Dragging Dead Bodies & Vehicle Seatbelts - Drag bodies out of the open to loot them safely, Put your seatbelts on to reduce damage when you crash.


We won't be implementing many server side functions, including Housing system, Police and medic system. Obviously because exile isn't a role-play server lol.




[KNOWN] Server will stay locked for about 5-8 minutes after restarts due to initializing the new loot table system. (More performance issue rather than bug.)

[KNOWN] Status bar does not re-initialize on player suicide.

[KNOWN] Status bar does not position correctly on certain resolutions.




Persistent tree logging, cutting trees will stay cut until a certain amount of real-time days.
Claiming server spawned (non-persistent) vehicles with code lock.
Black Market - Arms Dealer (Illegal)



1. we can't space out gear crates due to (I would have to spend hours modifying a script that randomizes and places markers and objects and could fuck with the
entire mods of roaming AI's etc. Also i can do it another way by placing the loot crates in static locations, but that means they will also spawn at that location.)

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