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Elite IV

[Tutorial] How to implement auto restarts to exile mod Arma 3

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This is currently tested and is known to work with:

1.0.3 "Lemon"

Other versions of Exile may have a slightly different approach.

If you have issues trying this out, then you can try this tutorial -> "

Auto Server Restart For Dummies (exilemod.com)



I saw a couple of people having issues with this and there isn't many updated guides / tutorial on how to do it. I'll make this as quick and brief / easy as i can for you so you can finally cheer about getting server restarts working. I will show you both DEDICATED SERVER & TCA GAME PANEL way.




if you have purchased the "infiSTAR Exile". You can easily setup auto restarts without the need of batch files or TCA Game Panel Scheduler. Seriously... lol. It does cost 30 Euros but it's so worth it for how much functionality the exile version of infiSTAR can bring to your upcoming server. I vouch for it :) and for that i don't need to really explain how to do it with infiSTAR, all the documentation and descriptions are literally there and also it's straight forward. So if you are going to do it VIA this method. Then you're already done lol. If not, continue reading.



First off, let's start with editing a few files. Exile is a great mod and the developers have made it so dynamic that when you make an exile server it's so fucking easy. Sorry for my language. But everything is literally already done for you.


In your root folder (main folder of your server files where arma3server.exe is located.) Open up "@ExileServer -> Addons -> exile_server_config" then edit the "Config.cpp" with any notepad editor. I use Notepad ++.


Search for the class "RCON", you can do this by pressing "CTRL+F" on your keyboard while in Notepad ++ or some other editors that have the same keybind.

The class should look like this:

	class RCON
			Note that for this to work you need to have serverCommandPassowrd defined in config.cfg and BE enabled

		// This needs to match config.cfg serverCommandPassword
		serverPassword = "";

		// Autolocks server until its ready to accept players
		useAutoLock = 1;

		// Server will autoLock at that time before restart (minutes)
		restartAutoLock = 2;

			Number of hours and minutes of your restart period.


			{4, 0} = Every 4 hours
			{1, 30} = Every one and a half hour (who the hell would do this?)
		//restartTimer[] = {3, 0};
		restartTimer[] = {0, 6};

			Kicks players before restart to prevent gear loss.
			We strongely recommend to use this!

			0 = off
			1 = on
		useAutoKick = 1;

			Number of minutes before the server kicks players that did
			not disconnect before the restart. Should at least be two
		kickTime = 2;


			0 = off
			1 = on
		useRestartMessages = 1;

			Number of minutes before the restart to inform your players.

			Only use full minutes here. Value like 5.5 have not been tested.
		restartWarningTime[] = {6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1}; 

			If set to 1 server will execute '#shutdown',
			to try to shutdown the server

		useShutdown = 1;

Simply edit the variables to what you would like, there are descriptions for what each variable does. So it shouldn't be hard at all. Make sure you have a "serverCommandPassword" in your config of the server. The file that prints your server name and loads your mission. (Note: Just to be on the safe side and not have your server exploding, please make sure your "passwordAdmin & serverCommandPassword" are different.


Once you've done that save the file and close it. Then make sure to re-pack your "exile_server_config" folder to PBO format.


Now if you're on a dedicated server and you have full access via RDC (Remote Desktop Connection) you will have to create a batch file to monitor the arma3server.exe process so when it shuts down it can detect it and attempt to reload the server. This is the easiest and efficient way :)


Copy the below batch code and paste it into a new file on Notepad++ or whatever you're using and save it as a batch file. DON'T FORGET to edit the batch to your directory of your server.


@echo off
color 0a
title XtG Community AU/NZ - Altis Exile Server
echo arma3server executable process was not found, Starting new process now...
cd "C:\Servers\arma3exile\"
echo Starting XtG Community AU/NZ - Altis Exile Server!
start "Arma3DayzExileAce" /high /wait "C:\Servers\arma3exile\arma3server.exe" [email protected];@namalsk [email protected];@infiSTAR_Exile -config=C:\Servers\arma3exile\@ExileServer\config.cfg -profiles=Exile -cfg=C:\Servers\arma3exile\@ExileServer\basic.cfg -name=ExileProject -autoinit
goto Serverstart

If you have any issues or questions, please reply to this topic so i can assist you.


Now if you're on a game slot server provider that uses TCA Game Panel you will have to login to your control panel of the game server. Click on the tab "Scheduled Tasks", then click "New" and make sure "Task Type" is selected to "Scheduled Restart" then click "New". Name the scheduled task whatever you like. Make sure the "Type" is selected to "Daily" set the " Start:" to how many hours ahead when you expect the next restart. Then make sure the "Recur Every" is set to "1" days. Make sure the checkbox "Repeat Task" is selected. Then in the "Repeat Every" section, obviously if your server restarts every 4 hours put the number 4 in it then the next box "For" put 12 hours and as a bonus if you have more than 1 person managing your TCA Game Panel you can leave a note in the note section. Once thats done you should quickly start up your game server and all should go well. If the server seems to go out of sync with the server restart messages, just re-do when the scheduled task should start and then quickly start the server up again. :)


Hopefully this tutorial helped. TCA Game Panel is a bit crap but it should work fine. Dedicated Server is to be guaranteed though.


Kind Regards, Elite IV - Owner & Developer of [XtG] - Xtreme Tactical Gaming Community AU/NZ

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