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  1. Just a status update to everyone in the community and staff members, I'll be away roughly for about a week or more but no longer than a fortnight. I'm just getting some coin together for better internet connection :) Also we may be shutting down the Arma server. OR if not keeping the Australia Life RPG HD online but it will no longer be in development. Rather that but we'll be re-opening our Altis Life HD framework we were working on when "Dan" was around. Which was a fully flecthed framework that was extraordinary and different from other servers. :)

    1. Jacob


      I'd be supportive of Altis life, I personally think there isn't enough people playing for such a huge map.

    2. Elite IV

      Elite IV

      Indeed, I'm quite keen for the Altis Life HD, it's already built from hard development work back a few months ago. If you check out the "Invalid Posts" & "Reviewed Suggestions" category on our forums you can see all the content we've added for the players :) I can't wait aha.

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