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  1. Vert's Police Application! V2.0

    Hi Vert I have just had a discussion about your induction and it will have to be redone as you where where lacking knowledge on the rules. So mate please reread rules then we can get your training done again. you will also need to +1's from white listed officers.
  2. Hi All, As Part of the software we are using for the forum we have the option to send out a bulk email to our members. I would like to know what you as a community think of the idea of this system being used when a update is done to send the "Patch notes" out to the community, I am thinking this may help entice some members that have left the community back to check the server out after a update. Another time I was thinking the Staff could make a good use of this tool would be to send out a email when we change the rules to highlight the changes that have been made to make it a little easier to help keep the community up to date and save you all having to read a wall of text every time one line is changed. Regards, Medium - Head Administrator
  3. Vert's Police Application! V2.0

    Hi vert as John has said mate we need to know if you have completed your induction training and if so who did it.
  4. Husky-Cop-App

    Will add you to the date base husky welcome the force mate
  5. Poaching from XTG

    Hi All, It has come to the attention of the Staff team that a player has left our community and has started a community to try and rival ours. As a staff team we wish them luck but we will not take them poaching player from our community. The staff team has evidence which we are currently reviewing that as this point in time points to player poaching. We ask all our players so remain loyal to our community which you have all had a part in building and will have a part of building in the future. As per our rules any player caught Poaching players on our Game server ,TeamSpeak or Forums will be banned. Regards, Medium
  6. I can also say I am happy to +1 both @Cram and @WADE.
  7. Community feedback

    Hi all As I am sure some of you are aware last night the community staff had a meeting. As part of this meeting we have realised we are due for another community meeting which there will be a announcement on later today. The idea of this post is to remind members staff do value player feedback. We are working to make the server Balanced. As part of this we will make changes to the server some players may not like and we do understand this, These changes in most cases are not just on a whim they are made after a small meeting of staff with a balance in mind. We are most often happy to post the reason for these changes of people are interested to try and keep the community up to date. I will touch on this more at the community meeting.
  8. I have had another idea for the balancing of the Tempist can we make it so the fuel on a fuel truck is limited so people have to go back and refuel the truck aswell.
  9. Essex's Police Application

    sorry Essex I got distracted buy the staff meeting mate. application approved.
  10. I can agree with the Ifrit there is to many Ifirits being used to bate cops in Kav
  11. Darnell's Police App

    Application Denied at this time due to no knowledge of Police ticket.
  12. Dan Snoring

    @Elite IV
  13. Cib n aos

    Would love to join you guys but am on night shift have a good night. Dan is also out until 22:30 AEST
  14. Bookers police app x2

    Basically impress myself, Dan, spectav and Fogo
  15. Bookers police app x2

    Sorry Brooker I started a post then got distracted I have had a busy day. You have now completed the requirements for white-listing you will be granted the Rank of Constable.

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