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  1. Booker's police app

    +1 seems hot, can you add me on fb for sum qt pics
  2. PHINIX's Cop Application

    +1 would bang/10
  3. underground body armour is currently level one and the press vest is level two (civilian clothing shop) would it be possible to get more for the underground... underground is just sort of gangs at this stage so nothing too strong nothing over 4 definetly but ill leave that at admin and community desecration any ideas???
  4. - please make this the new cop song? <3 and can you add night vision goggles to things like underground shops???? suggestion only
  5. server suggestions

    VEHICLE MODS so far iv only been able to mod the offroad.. which looks fucking sickkk i tried the ifrit and hatchback sport but i didnt have any luck is it possible to impliment these vehicle? PARACHUTES also parachutes?????? what does everyone think? should they be in the inventory of all helicopers and planes or.. would it better to have them when you eject from a vehicle, and would they be magic parachautes or realistic? BLACKFISH and XIAN Is this comming in?? probably not they armed variations but it would be good to see some more helicopters and planes CESNAR I would personally love to see some drug smuggling missions in light planes.. because i know alot of people are terrible pilots it would be great to see some cocaine smuggling missions between airports, you could make it like a drop point mission only available in the cesnar or maybe the cesnar could hold alot more and you could put it right next to its own drug field and put a processing at another airfield and the dealer at the last field??? suggestions yay or nay?? am i spelling sesnar right? IDEAS PEOPLE GET POSTING !!
  6. AKS-74U 5.45 and AK7.62 Are good guns the Ak7.62 is a massive callibre which has considerably more stopping power than weapons like the 6.5 Katiba and other variants however it has a high recoil and is made of complete wood and does not allow attachments which makes it in server design an absolute useless gun in long range combat with no real military or resistance benifits (not to be confused with the AK12) Recomendation that the AKS-74U 5.45 is added to Underground as a medium priced gun (30k-50k) Recomendation that the AK7.62 is added to underground as a high price for underground (70k-95k)
  7. Rebel West

    Rebel West looks awesome.. however it is in dire need of a relocation as its totally on a 45 degree angle facing downwards. I can see alot of bambi's who dont know how to fly helicopters sliding down the hill side Move Rebel west to a flat surface location

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