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    because there are 15 something airports in the server I thought we could do a freight system and passenger plane system Feight system I thought maybe you could do instead of buy supplies from a little access port in a store with no store owner you could do you order supplies trucks deliver supplies to the airport or store if close enough then they cargo of the trucks into planes or into storage at the store planes takeoff they land at nearest airport to the store or distributor they get trucks to pick that up and take it to the places it needs to go you could use the special cargo trucks that have folding sides and the forklifts from the same mod pack and maybe special planes. Passenger Plane System you would have special large planes that can fit other people in them like Qantas jets and virgin airlines etc. and have people pay for there ticket and they get on board with there belongings and they go to the selected airport and because its real pilots you would have not just a boring flight but chance for stuff to go wrong or right fuel sittuations all of that it is endless possibilities you could even have a move vehicles cargo plane it's a new idea that hasn't really been done before and could draw big attention from other people.

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