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  1. About You: Brief Description About You: I am a 14-year-old kid who likes to watch movies, study history, play video games, and hates going to school all the time. What Is Your In-Game name?: Necro How old are you?: 14 (Exceptions can be made) What Is You Player ID?: 76561197960287930 Do you have an understanding of the Medic Rules and Medpacks?: Yes, I do. About You In-Game: How long have you been playing Arma 3 ? (In Hours): 302 hours How long have you been playing Altis Life ?: 302 hours Have you played as a Public Medic before?: Yes, I have on the old XTG. When you're off duty (not playing medic) what do you do?: I do runs to earn some money. Why Do You Think You Will Make A Good Medic? (Make this interesting): I reckon I will make a good medic because I will heal all the XTG Members as best as I can, I am nice in the community and have been a long time member of the old XTG server before Dan ruined it, I am very experienced with medic and on ArmA 3, and am a very fast responder to calls.

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