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  1. Dan Snoring

    This has to be the greatest thing on the forums at the moment I swear lol
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  3. Its ya boi, Deathraven

    *Smashes through the window* Heeeeeey there, my name is Deathraven in game or known as Brandon to close friends. I am a proud Co-Community ever since the start of around the end of 2015, but I've been floating around in XtG ever since 2014, even playing with Elite way before joining XtG. In real life i'm just a farm hand, since there is no jobs around in the country side, but at some point I want to learn more about coding and even building PCs, but hey who knows what the future can hold. If you wan't to add me on steam and play any games if I have said game, here is my Steam Profile link | https://steamcommunity.com/id/Deathraven1998/ | Other then that, talk to you guys on teamspeak or in-game

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