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  1. Roleplay

    @Medium @Spectav @KyzAh @Seven7s What do you guys think? @Essex can you explain the situation which has caused you to post this? As mechanics are coming in we may be able to implement a rule cops have to request mechanic
  2. Patrick's police application

    Sad to say denied due to inactivity, come back @patrick
  3. Calibre's Cop App

    Denied, inactivity.
  4. Zeeable Police Application

    @Zeeable denied due to inactivity on the server/cop force, show you're active and you can reapply with identical app.
  5. Vert's Police Application

    Haven't seen vert play in nearly 2 weeks. Denied until activity increases then you may reapply.
  6. Andy Smith- Cop Whitelist App

    Approved welcome Andy !
  7. Husky-Cop-App

    +1 from me, one of my favourite persons to play with gaming in the past 15 years @Medium to result.
  8. Will review these tomorrow night.
  9. Andy Smith- Cop Whitelist App

    +1 from me
  10. Community discussed this - Updates added to global thread /Thread
  11. rubber bullet guns civs

    Approved its added to community meeting list updates /Thread
  12. Hey guys, thanks for the great meeting - here are some updates we discussed for @Elite IV 1. Police guns up 10x (In Police Weapon shop)NOT AOS) 2. Wider red zone at drug fields 3. Slow down to 60 k/m on Weapon/Sea/Gold convoy 4. When you die, you get a notification how far the killer was from you 5. Increase price of police armoured veh to all 100k 6. Top 3 most wanted in Kav 7. A random loot finder in abandoned houses where you can search an empty broken building for a chance of rare and low end tier Y menu items ranging from tool kits upto gold bars. 8. Remove advanced rebel spawn on spawn menu, make advanced rebel a small greenzone - Soft logging not allowed, People can not enter the zone if they're in combat. 9. Add a small safe zone at spawns in the other cities 10. Turn volume down on spawn music 11. Ruber bullets/sand bullets http://xtgcommunity.net/forums/index.php?/forums/topic/228-rubber-bullet-guns-civs/

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