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  1. Whitelist Application

    +1 Did his induction.
  2. Essex's AOS Application

    +1 from me, works well in combat situations.
  3. JohnRiver Police App

    +1 from me completed his induction, will be able to learn and help out the force.
  4. Husky-Cop-App

    +1 from me, very active player knows what he is doing. Like the K9 unit idea even though its a long reach. Induction completed by myself. -Seven7s
  5. Andy Smith- Cop Whitelist App

    did his induction +1 from me.
  6. rubber bullet guns civs

    +1 from me.
  7. Essex's Police Application

    +1 From me seems to be knowledgeable and able to help out the cop force.
  8. aditions to police.

    As mentioned in my original post I said "infantry and vehicle transport" meaning this would be perfect for carrying 10+ paratroopers for RP events.
  9. Aos training

    what time?
  10. Cram's Police Application

    Already did his induction training he's good to go!
  11. aditions to police.

    Hi, Lately I was feeling like police should have access to a UN-armed Xi'an infantry and vehicle transport. This would be simply be for Police travelling quickly between locations without soft logging or using a teleporter, this will help police to respond to things such as multiple gas stations being robbed on the south east side of the map, this will also allow us to carry hunters to places because at the moment if something is happening in a remote location we cannot get a hunter or any armored vehicle transported without having to drive 10km. -Seven7s
  12. Husky-Cop-App

    +1 from me good rollplayer
  13. Medic Whitelisting

    How long have you been playing Arma 3 ? (In Hours):600 ish How long have you been playing Altis Life ?:400 hours Have you played as a Public Medic before?: yes When you're off duty (not playing medic) what do you do?:play cop Why Do You Think You Will Make A Good Medic ? (Make this interesting): I will be able to show my RP when playing medic because medics are able to do so. I will also be able to respond fast if I'm in a heli.
  14. Medic Whitelisting

    Brief Description About You: I like to play XtG on a daily basis, cop is where I spend most my time. What Is Your In Game name?:Seven7s How old are you?:15 What Is You Player ID?:76561198348897929 Do you have an understanding of the Medic Rules and Medpacks?:Yes good friends with Husky and I deal with medics very often.
  15. Police Whitelisting

    +1 from me played with him on a different server, good bloke knows what he is doing.

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