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  1. Email for server/rule updates

    +1 This, it would make updates more clear and help avoid confusion with what the rules are. Good idea -Spectav
  2. JohnRiver Police App

    +1 Form me, his an good guy
  3. Essex's AOS Application

    Well Done @Essex! You have been accepted into the Armed Offenders Squad! I will complete your induction shortly. Top Effort!
  4. The IFrit price should go up to 800K in my opinion. @Dan @Elite IV
  5. Michael Irwin - Police App

    +1 from me, I've played with him as cop before and he has a great attitude. He's a real nice guy and will make a fine asset to the force!
  6. AOS Application Template

    AOS APPLICATION TEMPLATE What Is Your In Game Name?: What Is Your Steam ID?: What Is Your Age?: Why Do You Think You Should Be Apart Of AOS?: Include A Referral From A Current AOS Member: Answer The Following Short Answer Questions: Question 1) What Does A.O.S Stand For?: Question 2) If You Are The Only AOS Member Online, Are You Able To Conduct A Raid With 3 Non-AOS Officers That Are A Higher Rank Than You?: Question 3) How Many AOS Members Do There Need To Be Online To Organise A Raid?: Question 4) What Are The Rules Of Tac Comm (Tactical Communication) And When Must It Be Applied?: Question 5) You Are Approaching A Federal Reserve Robbery And Your Callsign Is Alpha 3. You See An Armed Robber In The North Tower That No One Has Noticed. What Is The Correct Callout If Tac Comms Are In Place?: A) Attention Units I See An Armed Suspect In North Tower! B) This Is Alpha 3 I See A Guy With A Gun In North Tower! C) Permission To Speak - This Is Alpha 3 To All Units, I Have Visual On An Armed Suspect Inside North Tower. D) Permission To Speak - All Units There's A Suspect In North Tower. ---------- Notes (DO NOT INCLUDE THIS IN YOUR APPLICATION!) ---------- To Pass You Must Answer All Questions To The Best Of Your Ability. You Must Get At Least 3 Out Of 5 In The Short Answer Section To Pass. If You Do Not Get Above 3 Questions Correct You Will Have To Do Some More Research, Ask Around And Re-Apply. To Pass You Must Be Approved By Spectav - The Leader Of AOS. Should You Pass You Will Be Notified And Assigned An Instructor To Complete Your AOS Induction Training. Good Luck! - Deputy Commissioner And AOS Commander, Spectav @Seven7s @Medium @FOGO @Dan
  7. Cib n aos

    AOS Führer approves
  8. Cram's Police Application

    +1 From Me! Cram is a friendly guy who respects the server and it's rules. He's a great team player as well
  9. Just a quick suggestion from me, There should be a 'Comms and GPS Taken' channel in teamspeak, not only would this reinforce role-play but it would give people a way to see if players are following the rules correctly. At the moment players are expected to mute in teamspeak and although you can see when a player is muted there is the possibility of a quick un-mute to hint at a location of where they might be. Players associated with the taken player would then be able to find and act as if they found it by "chance" or had a "visual" the whole time when of course, they were informed. This is a minor tweak and it's not that big of a problem as we have a trustworthy community but as we continue to grow no doubt this topic may arise again. Of course there can be no way to eliminate meta-gaming completely but as mentioned this is just a minor adjustment that will enhance RP. Cheers for reading. -Spectav
  10. Spectav Medic Application

    About You: Brief Description About You: Hi my names Liam and I'm a non-smoker What Is Your In Game name?: Spectav How old are you?: 15 What Is You Player ID?: 76561198359782236 Do you have an understanding of the Medic Rules and Medpacks?: Yes About You In-Game: How long have you been playing Arma 3 ? (In Hours): 217 Hours How long have you been playing Altis Life ?: 170 Hours give or take Have you played as a Public Medic before?: Yes When you're off duty (not playing medic) what do you do?: Earn money kill cops and have a blast Why Do You Think You Will Make A Good Medic ? (Make this interesting): I'm good at role playing and understand my role as a medic.
  11. Police Whitelisting

    +1 From Me to Nick! He's a great player and would be a great addition to the force
  12. Camel Lannisters whitelist app

    +1 From me to Camel
  13. Police Spectav

    Brief Description About You: I'm a good bloke. What Is Your In Game name?: Liam How old are you?: 15 What Is You Player ID?: 76561198359782236 Do you have an understanding of the Police Rules and Tickets?: Yes About You In-Game: How long have you been playing Australia Life ?: A couple hours Have you played as a Public Cop before?: Yes When you're off duty (not playing cop) what do you do?: Kill Cops haha Why Do You Think You Will Make A Good Police Officer ? (Make this interesting): Because I'm good at my job and help people in need.

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