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  1. XtG RUST Server

    I think that starting up a Rust server would be a great idea. I'm going to start downloading Rust tonight. It's a +1 from me. Carl Dizy - Player Supporter
  2. The Lookout - 2007 ‧ Thriller/Drama ‧ 1h 39m Chris (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a star athlete, has the world at his feet. Then a devastating car accident leaves him with brain damage and his bright future dimmed. He takes a job as a bank janitor and must write everything down in a small notepad in order to remember. Some former schoolmates lure Chris into their inner circle and rope him into helping them carry out a heist at the bank.
  3. Fate of the Furious. Everyone knows it. Haven't watched it yet, get it.
  4. Dunkirk is a 2 hour movie that was released back in July, it's a Drama / Thriller movie that is based on the Second World War. Wikipedia: Statistics: It's a movie that I've been wanting to see for awhile but I haven't really gotten around to it. Thanks, Carl Dizy - Player Supporter.
  5. ATM

  6. Carl Dizy - Australia Life RPG HD Suggestions - #1

    Redone, did you even read the full post. That was for Elite btw.
  7. Carl Dizy - Australia Life RPG HD Suggestions - #1

    Yeah, something like that. Also, the spawn menu is irrelevant. We already have a good one.
  8. jobs, vehicles plus more

    Also, you can be a fisherman. Go to the sea with a boat. Scroll, drop your net. Take the fish to the fish market then sell them. Once implemented, you will also be able to go shoot turtles with an SDAR and go sell them to the turtle dealer. Carl Dizy - Player Supporter
  9. jobs, vehicles plus more

    Is this the right pack? Next time link the mod. Carl Dizy - Player Supporter
  10. Suggestions By Nick Miller

    I like the idea, I think it's easier said than done though. I think this is something we should look into in the future after we get the basics down.
  11. Carl Dizy - Australia Life RPG HD Suggestions - #1

    After some further investigation I have something new to add to my suggestions. I heard that you were looking for places to put the gun store. Not sure if you already found a gun store that looked like this but here it is. With some help I ran the following code: call getFuelpumps; getFuelpumps = { _pos = getArray(configFile >> "CfgWorlds" >> worldName >> "centerPosition"); _Station = nearestobjects [_pos,["Land_hipgunshop"], 25000]; _br = toString [13, 10]; _tab = toString [9]; _TexteSortie = "_NiiRoZz_Station_Essence = [" + _br; { _Array = [getpos _x]; _TexteSortie = _TexteSortie + _tab + (str _Array); _TexteSortie = if (_forEachIndex < ((count _Station) - 1)) then {_TexteSortie + ", " + _br} else {_TexteSortie + _br}; } forEach _Station; _TexteSortie = _TexteSortie + "];"; hint "Completed"; copyToClipboard _TexteSortie; }; Which outputted to the following: _NiiRoZz_Station_Essence = [ [[21985.9,25515.4,0.0372143]], [[27651.9,17049.2,0.0956936]], [[31148.9,19899.8,0.0637951]], [[27637.6,12139.5,0.0937309]], [[15874.2,33192.1,0.0656319]], [[30843.6,10656.4,0.044346]], [[34934,26122.9,0.0239468]], [[28444.5,35263.5,0.140004]], [[35370.1,8407.18,0.0363283]] ]; To go to the locations in game just execute: vehicle player setpos [x,y,z]; Three locations they can be found are: Broken Hill, Toowoomba and Alice Springs. I suggest moving the gun stores away from cities but not too far, therefore I suggest that we place the gun store in Toowoomba as it isn't too far from Brisbane. Toowoomba Gun Store: [31148.9,19899.8,0.0637951] Thanks, Carl Dizy - Player Supporter.
  12. Carl Dizy - Australia Life RPG HD Suggestions - #1

    Hello, I also request that the three new houses that were added in the 5.0.9 update to be added the house configuration. The classnames are: Land_squarehouse Land_aus2storyhouse Land_greyhouse For some reason I could not find them in the editor, I had to execute ' typeOf cursorObject ' in the debug console to get the classname. You can't place them in the editor but with an addon on steam you can. Here are the screenshots of them. Land_squarehouse Land_aus2storyhouse Land_greyhouse Thanks, Carl Dizy - Player Supporter
  13. Hello, During the server downtime I have been looking around and found some cool things that I think could help the server take that next step. Obviously, the base need to be perfected before we go on about adding completely new content into the server. So, here are some ideas for the near future. Today I've been searching through the AltisLifeRPG forums and have found some things that I would like to see implemented into the server. In saying that, some of them I'm not sure that they'll 100% fit what we're going for. Here they are... Truck Mission for DP - Truck Missions for DP is a script that spawns a truck when you request a delivery point mission. I think that the problem with this would be that players would not have a way to get back to a city without getting another truck to return to the city. I could also be wrong about this but from my understanding I think that this is only set up for one truck spawn point which would make it really difficult for players to return to cities after completing the mission. Overall, I think that this script could be good with some editing if I interpreted how it actually works properly. [Talent Tree] Quest System - I'm aware that we have a license to the Maverick Applications talent tree. Therefore, I have found a script that Repentz had released that he had used on his popular Malden life server. Basically, you get four different relics from around the map. You take those relics to an NPC, he then gives you another quest to get another relic. Quest 2's Relic can be found in the Maverick Applications convoys with some editing. Return that relic and then get the last quest, for the last quest you have to rob the federal reserve and you will get a relic from the vault. This last relic will exchange for an expensive virtual item. I think that this would be a good addition to the server in the near future. Repentz's HUD - This is a good looking HUD that I think could improve the visual appeal of the server. Maybe some edits to the icons would help as other servers will just be straight ripping the script straight from the forums without modification. It will make our server stand out from the other servers who just use the default icons provided. I'm not sure what we'd change it to though. Morphine & Bandages - Morphine and Bandages is pretty self explanatory. They are virtual items that can be used to heal players. Again, a script made by Repentz that would be a great addition to the server. Now, some of the more obvious scripts that I'm pretty sure that you were already planning on adding in the future. Redone's Spawn Menu - Improves the spawn menu GUI. Pickaxe Hotkey - Gives players the ability to use set keys instead of having to press Y and use every single time they want to gather ore. Paychecks Dependent on Database Levels - Not sure if you want to add this, this adds specific amounts of money depending on their level in factions. Can also be used for donator levels but I'm not sure if that fits the Bohemia monetization rules. Car Alarms - Car Alarms when cars have been lock picked into. From a previous server I ran, I purchased an updated farming script and name tag script that could be useful for the server. I just need to gather right parts and ensure that I know what needs to be added before I send the files over. The person I purchased them off is also willing to give us support IF needed. The farming script does use a small addon for the models that are created from the seeds that you have to buy. Both of these scripts are made for the 5.0 version of Altis Life. With some moving around of the files it should be compatible with the weird as fuck file pathing you've done. On my previous server I had also updated a really old iPhone with the help of the Altis Life community. I think that we got it working then we made a group decision to shut down the server. If I can assemble the pieces of it then I'll send it over too. The visual of it doesn't look the best as I can't do GFX work for shit but it's functional and has a good looking shell. Just the buttons and phone background have to be edited. Again, it may not be 100% functional but I'll see what I can do to get all the scripts that I have together. Now, that's enough of that. On to the modifications that I suggest for the server. A member of the community said that we should not make it too hard for players to join the server. Personally though, I think that vehicle and weapon mods are what can make and break a server. Especially if we're going to push for people to download our steam mod pack already. If we put in the right mods that aren't too big in size but have enough content for players to enjoy then I think it'll complement the server well. Jonzie's Carpack - This car pack is essential to nearly every server. There isn't that much to say about it. I think that we could use more modded vehicles than just Jonzie though. I also feel like Jonzie is overused sometimes. TW Buildings & Vehicles - I'm not sure if we have any possible use for the TW Buildings but the TW Vehicles could be of use to us. Luke's Car Mods - This guy makes some really good looking vehicles. I'm not sure that they will fit our purpose of Australian roleplay though. I guess some of them can be used though. But, cops shouldn't be rolling around in Nissan GTR's. I mean, if we're aiming for Australian roleplay than it doesn't really fit the scene. But most, if not all come in civilian versions too with templates to skin them if we need to do so. Sigma-6 Muscle Style Cars - I think that these could fit the Australian roleplay theme. NIArms Weapons - We don't need to add all of the weapons either, we can just choose a select few that would fit our server well. I think that the best way for us to all decide on a solution that is optimal for all players would to either have a staff meeting where all of the staff would have to come to a conclusion together or have a staff meeting where we would all have to come to a conclusion together or have an entire community meeting or poll on the forums where all of the community members can contribute to the future of the server. Thank you for reading, Carl Dizy - Player Supporter.
  14. Hello, Feel free to post any bugs you find in the comments of this forum post, all the bugs posted here should be hopefully fixed within the next few weeks. (No promises, I'm not even staff.) Forum Bugs: 1. For some reason I don't seem to be able to post this topic inside the suggestions and there is no bug section of RustScape so I guess I'll just put this under suggestion. Basically, I think that the suggestions tab thingy ma bob needs to be opened up for members to post in. RustScape: 1. Top right infobar displays 0.3a instead of 0.4a (0.4a is shown in the changelogs on the forum) 2. Players have reported that you cannot set homes at their bases in caves. 3. Players have not been spawning in with the standard kit, meaning that they cannot get started. (Rock and Torch not spawning) RustScape Notes: Players have been asking about the following: Kits Store AutoDoors (Automatically closing doors with a command that is toggle-able) Feel free to add anything that you find in the comments of this post. After writing this up, I realise that I could've make this as a support ticket but I'd rather have the community have their input too.

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