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  1. Patrick's police application

    +1 good role play as well as being a sick shit, definitely think he deserves a shot
  2. I believe that the rules need to be updated so people that don't join the forum can see what's up. For example - The new Coms n GPS channel, noone knows this exists unless they troll the forum. There has been alot of speculation about not being allowed to vote for day and night, I think this needs to be clarified. Thanks boys! -Yah boi Phinix
  3. PHINIX's Cop Application

    Police Application About You: Brief Description About You: Hi, my name is Josh I am 17 and Altis life is my new obsession.. I honestly dont know if its a good or bad thing :'). What Is Your In Game name?: PHINIX How old are you?: 17 What Is You Player ID?: 76561198070022903 Do you have an understanding of the Police Rules and Tickets?: I sure do. About You In-Game: How long have you been playing Australia Life ?: About a month Have you played as a Public Cop before?: Yes When you're off duty (not playing cop) what do you do?: Be a criminal, Shoot bitches, Rob bitches and of course Shoot more bitches. Why Do You Think You Will Make A Good Police Officer ? (Make this interesting): I think ill be a good police officer because I get along with others, can separate my feelings from RP so I can be a fair player and I'm a fairly decent player as long as you don't compare me to Cram.. Cram Is God. I hope the boys believe ill be a valuable asset to the force. cheers.X
  4. Illegal selling

    Hi guys.. today id like to talk about selling my virginity for Twenty Million dolllarrrrs. So obviously my virginity is up for sale and id like 20mill. The only things I ask is that you be gentle and that you don't treat me like shit. Thanks, Yah boi Phinix.

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