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  1. I think that the CIB should be removed. Not enough players around the map to be able to make it worth its while. I think it's way to early for it.
  2. Darnell's Police App

    good kid i went through introduction with him
  3. Bookers police app x2

    yeah i have run him through the introduction on the weekend, i confirm of this
  4. Bookers police app x2

    +1 i think will be a valuable and worth while member to the XtG police foce, and AOS
  5. PHINIX's Cop Application

    +1 for my babe
  6. Aos training

    Fuck you Lil bitch! Ahaha not to late I have work Tuesday
  7. Aos training

    Sorry I was to busy with real thots
  8. Aos training

    why is my name not mentioned at all in this </3
  9. Cram's Police Application

    <3 LOVE YOU +1
  10. Changes to be considered

  11. Illegal selling

    can we negotiate a better price?
  12. ~Special Ops Alpha~

    !TO BE FINISHED! Special Ops Alpha "What this world didn't give them they took with force, God forbid who stood in their way." Special Ops Alpha has a history in its name. Being the most feared and powerful Association there was, if anyone was to attempt to interfere or compete with, God be with them, for he is their only hope. SOA had been thought to have been no more. Is it? Was it? Signs and acts that cannot be controlled or harnessed identical to the SOA's patterns of methods and activities lead to be the belief of the returning of Special Ops Alpha.. Rumors spread. "The returning of Special Ops Alpha." It is rumoured that SOA had started out on a small island south east of Tanoa, taking the island by storm. Killing soldiers, Burning down villages, eliminating anyone or anything that got in the way. The leader, to be known as 'Booker' the founder of SOA was believed to be a ghost.. after all he did just disappear. Did the Special Ops Alpha disappear with him? or did it live on. Its speculated that SOA had resurfaced and fallen under new leadership. Will Booker return and resume leadership or will he stay in the shadows.. or had the leader of the SOA really met his fate and fallen with the enemy. It its believed that the SOA emblem was spotted by an elderly fisherman who spotted a fishing boat with some mysterious looking men aboard, but that was the last anyone heard about the strange men arriving on Altis. There have been new reports of an unknown gang of men specialised in unarmed and armed combat taking out criminals and the law enforcement officers. Could this be the break the rebels have been waiting for.. could the SOA send Altis into anarchy. Has this been what the authorities have been afraid of? Will chaos fall throughout Altis of the once feared, Special Ops Alpha? May God be with you, for he will guide us to the unknown.
  13. server suggestions

    ohhh i like +1

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