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  1. Knight Bob

    Hey everyone, my name is Knight Bob. If you wish to adress me formally you may use son, dad, faggot, Jacob or goose I've been to and lived in a few different countries, this includes. Papua New Guinea Australia Malaysia Wales Scotland and that's it lol so I like video games, sport, computers, classy women, food, anything to do with war, politics, history, the defence force and Elite IV :3 I dislike school, people, teachers, school, gingers named Carl Dizy and my ex, oh and school. In in my spare time I play video games or workout. I have 2 cats, a dog and a lizard. I am always bullied by people at school. I'm a huge gun, plane, weapon, medieval armour, Star Wars and GoT fanatic. I respect people if they respect me. Last but not least, my dream job(s) are 1. Join the ADF 2. Join the police force 3. Become a commercial pilot. I hope that this provides an insight as to who I am and yeah. Feel free to talk to me if you find me in TS, Discord or in game
  2. Request

    Forrest Gump Game of Thrones season 1-7 (to show) | RESTRICTED CATEGORY | Platoon Full Metal Jacket Jarhead Apocalypse Now Saving Private Ryan Thin Red Line Gallipoli The bridge on the river Kwai All quiet in the western front Band of brothers Star Wars The Clone Wars (tv show) Star Wars Rebels (tv show) With the restricted thingo just make it so people have to be 18+ to watch because young people shouldn't be exposed to GoT due to the violence and nudity, plus they don't understand the storyline or the politics involved which makes it a good show (prove age by showing you ID or something idk) but they legit shouldn't watch it
  3. Movie Request

    Literally every Star Wars movie, including the xxx parody.. jk but yeah add em please
  4. Brief Description About You: I am a kid who likes Arma and the XtG community, I also enjoy sci-fi and fantasy movies What Is Your In Game name?: Knight Bob How old are you?: 15 What Is You Player ID?: 76561198061226755 Do you have an understanding of the Medic Rules and Medpacks?: Yes How long have you been playing Arma 3 ? (In Hours): 2,099 How long have you been playing Altis Life ?: around 1,200 hours Have you played as a Public Medic before?: Yes When you're off duty (not playing medic) what do you do?: Drug runs, play as cop. Why Do You Think You Will Make A Good Medic ? (Make this interesting): I think i'll be a good medic because I find enjoyment out of helping people and playing as medic I believe that I will have a good time and be happy as medic and hopefully my happiness will reflect onto other people making their day better
  5. Altis Life HD's New - Show Drivers License Feature

    where's Victoria mate, don't forget about your boys down south
  6. ATM

    Could we make it so you have an option to deposit all cash at a time, it'd make using the ATM's to deposit cash so much faster
  7. Carl Dizy - Australia Life RPG HD Suggestions - #1

    oi carl, with the truck mission it could be like darkside where you drop off a package to a certain shop or DP or something, then return to the nearest job depot and collect paycheck also have levels where the more deliveries you do the bigger packages and distances but also a much bigger paycheck?
  8. Zen Cruz - Police Whitelist App

    +1 to this application, Zen Cruz has shown good RP skills and has been an outstanding officer so far!
  9. Mark Mahone's Application

    +1 you have shown great RP skills and know how do deal with situations well, have a good time on the force!
  10. Apply Police

    Accepted, have a great time on the force Constable!
  11. Police Spectav

    This bloke is good +1
  12. KyzAh- Police Application <3

    +1 from Inspector Knight Bob, KyzAh has prove his worth as a police officer multiple times and I would be happy to have him keep serving the police force as a valuable member.

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