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  1. +1 @Cram always helpful n very easy to get a long with. Never takes anything to heart better than most people that being myself included
  2. Hello Guys, after great discussions with the staff we have come to the a suggestion in relating to civs and non lethal disarming weapons, police have tazers and can restrain. civs can only knock out from a short distant and then can still be restrained when they come too close but a rubber bullet gun after decing on a civ or cop could take someone down and restrain them - for better rp eg hostage situations, fed and more instead of turning this server into a wasteland server. thank you @Elite IV
  3. this may need updating @Elite IV as aos now have 7.62mm
  4. lol it actually makes civs rp and not shoot first aka jager
  5. the masks is so important for rp as unfortunately people go straight for the name and it says police straight away rp situation over. also move the the goods trader to northern kavala to limit the amount of money for people doing runs
  6. Cib template

    The cib is an undercover unit specializing in infiltrating an area undetected and garthering intel on known criminals and criminal activities. To help carry out raids and arrest criminals. We are a highly organised and stealthy group. Conditions: Must listen to higher ups Will need to change name every time u sign in. Will need to respond to art,fed and common wealth bank. Also a common sense You must be whitelisted All applications must be approved by Fogo Name: Age: Reason for join cib (must be rp reason): Questions: Q1. You are undercover and see a speeding vehicle heading out of kavala what do you do? Q2. You are undercover You see multiple armed civs about to storm kavala what do you do? Q3. You are undercover and you hear some civs talking about going to the drug field what fo you do? Q4. U are undercover and A cop is calling for back up on a roadside traffic stop what do you do? @Cram @Aidan @Spectav @Dan @Medium
  7. Darnell's Police App

    -1 sorry but he is annoying and has little to no knowledge to police rules. also gave away 3 cib members identities and doesnt know how to rp - good decision medium
  8. Cib n aos

    Hey guys, As you may be aware i have become the leader of cib and stepped down from aos leader. But no means does that mean i left aos just transferred it to a player who is just as good or if not better Congrats @Spectav @Seven7s @Aidan @Dan @Medium @Cram So tonight aos n cib will be doing an operation called illusion talk to me in ts later on about it
  9. Bookers police app x2

    +1 display good rp n is alot of fun
  10. I will happily make the skin
  11. Police barrier

    Hey everyone, You've probably played as police and your dealing with someone eg speeding and all of a sudden this is like 5 civs out of nowhere trying to steal your car,running you over and trying to bug the fuck out of you i suggest a smoke barrier that if anyone steps with a 15m radius of that zone then you are able to restrain n fine for public nuisance (15k) n if constant jail them. What do you all think
  12. Like under 5 police then we work it like that
  13. Hey everyone, I would like to suggest removing the send people to jail from pd. Instead having to drive/transport them to jail as you would do in irl. This would give more rp. Will make cops more recculant to send straight to jail. But force them to rp it. And get the cops out of kav.
  14. Johns Police App.

    I personally havent done the training with him. If aidan has done it maybe just confirm the 10 codes where done
  15. Aos training

    Guys i will need u all on tomorrow night @Cram, @Aidan , @Zen Cruz, @Spectav, @Spectav, @Seven7s and @Dan also maybe @KyzAh as a side liner only joking kyzah. I can not tell you all the details but it is important lets just say its a server cleanse

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