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  1. Zeeable Police Application

    Police Application About You: Brief Description About You: I love playing games, especially Arma recently. I have been in many Arma teams so I know how to roleplay; aswell as CS:GO teams which I have acquired my call-out skills from. What Is Your In Game name?: Zeeable How old are you?: 17 years of age What Is You Player ID?: 76561198063893724 Do you have an understanding of the Police Rules and Tickets?: I am very well with the knowledge of police rules and tickets. About You In-Game: How long have you been playing Australia Life ?: Around a week or so. Have you played as a Public Cop before?: I have played Public Cop many times before and love it everytime I do as it is usually peak hours. When you're off duty (not playing cop) what do you do?: While off duty, I am often doing runs in the mornings as well as Why Do You Think You Will Make A Good Police Officer ? (Make this interesting): There are multiple reasons I want to be a white-listed cop instead of going on Public Cop everytime. Reason #1 is that most of the time, public cop slots always get taken which means I don't get a chance to go on. This can be a problem because I really love cop as its the opposite view from rebel. Reason #2 is that I have a strong love for the community in this server and want to contribute to it. I have played on many big servers and climbed the ranks of, not just cop, but also rebel gangs to reaching the number 1 spot. This is due to my skills in my well managed RP, driving with most cars, sharp shooting and decent flying with helis. #3 is that I want to join to meet new players, cops in specific as I will be working with them. This will also help me understand how they play, where they play and their t. Being a civilian and rebel causes problems with robbery and other crimes whereas they hold off more to police officers. Not only players, but I want to meet staff aswell. I want to get to know them and understand their strengths and weaknesses. This will also help me improve my skills which I am openly acceptable of advice, tips and pointers. Thankyou for your time, [BW] Zeeable.

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