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  1. Patrick's police application

    Brief Description About You: Hi my name is Patrick, also known as pat. I live in Melbourne and have aspirations of joining the air force as a trained and efficient pilot, who will hopeful be able to go on tours, maybe around Syria. I also love gaming as a past time event and a bit of relaxation from my study in vce. I love arma, and find being a cop on arma very rewarding and amusing. Though i can shoot some one if talking them alive is not an option. I am 16 turning 17 and im in year 11 vce. 76561198178082999 Yes i do have a very good understanding of rules as i have read them almost 2 times now, and i have been out in the field gaining experience and asking higher ups about situation, which has given me knowledge of all the rules, including some rules that are not just black and white. Kyzah and aiden About You In-Game: For a very long period, since 2014, i have over 1000 hours in arma and fair bit of those hours a dedicated to life servers such as this one, with some modded ones as well. Yes i have. I role play as a reporter who reports crimes for 7 news, i do interviews and i go out on the field getting videos for rp. I also do runs to fund my reporter hobby. I will bring a whole platter of unique and interesting things to your current cop force. Firstly I love funny rp, i often joke and i love going along with one. I can be serious if i have to, but i rather rp and have fun with the person i am processing or talking to. I feel like i will be a good officer because i will follow rules and i will do as im told and i will also use my incentive. But rp is first and let me tell you im very good at rping situation out. I also have experience on other servers with being a high ranked cop, so i know how to lead a cop force, if a situation arrives where i am the highest ranking cop, i will know how to handle my self.
  2. Also should have a negotiation channel, for when a person is taken hostage. It can be roleplayed as a phone in situations that involve hostages at fed or kidnapping.

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