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  1. Dan Snoring Part II

    Part 2 boys ts3_recording_17_03_25_18_36_38.wav
  2. Name: Zion/Cram Age: 15 about turn 16 Why do you want to be staff?: I would like to learn what it is like to be part of support team for a small-medium community such as the one that is here on XTG. With this community growing more and more from what i have seen i Would like to lend my hand to everyone and help them. I have really enjoy being part of this Community here and I feel being a new member within the support team I can get more involved within the community. What position are you aiming for (future goals)?: Any position Why should we accept you over anyone else?: I've been an admin before in a small "7 days to die" server which is called GGZ and I will do my best to help someone to the best of my knowledge. I am very quick to responding to messages and problems sent to myself (unless AFK) as to get a rapid respond to problems but as well as being rapid I make sure that I'm very accurate to make sure that the right information is passed on. Previous experience?: Been an admin in a small "7 days to die" server. Additional info? : I follow orders everytime
  3. Essex's Police Application

    +1 He's a good RP and has good understanding of rules and regulations. btw Induction training completed
  4. Dan Snoring

    Play it :DDDD Finish the Recording. ts3_recording_17_03_18_8_44_51.wav
  5. New Skins!! :DDDD

  6. PHINIX's Cop Application

  7. About You: Brief Description About You: I'm Zion and I'm 15 years old and about to turn 16 in March 31, 2001. I live in the Philippines and I like playing videogames. What Is Your In Game name?: Cram How old are you?: 15 What Is You Player ID?: 76561198256540791 Do you have an understanding of the Police Rules and Tickets?: Yes About You In-Game: How long have you been playing Australia Life ?: 3-6 days Have you played as a Public Cop before?: Yes When you're off duty (not playing cop) what do you do?: Do some runs and play with gang members Why Do You Think You Will Make A Good Police Officer ? (Make this interesting): I have a decent shooting skills, Driving skills, Pilot skills, and an overall good understanding of how arma works and how to play. I have got decent Role Playing skills and I will not just arrest wanted people , I will give them a chance to RP. I can be a sniper too just in case the police needs one. Like this

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