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  1. Essex's Police Application

    +1 great guy, awsome at RP and knows all the rules and ticketing.
  2. Darnell's Police App

    Hes a awsome person to play with and hang out with, but dosnt know all the rules and the ticketing system, and needs to use RP a lot more.
  3. Johns Police App.

    well at least not that i can remember..
  4. Johns Police App.

    I have never done an induction training to john.?
  5. Cram's Police Application

    +1 hes a awsome and friendly player, he also knows all the rules.
  6. Alex's Pol app

    +1 Alex is a great pub slot cop, follows orders from higher ranking officers and is awsome at RP and respects everyone. Alex would make an awsome whitelisting cop.
  7. Zen Cruz - Police Whitelist App

    +1 this officer, hes got awsome RP and i would love to see him in the higher rankings.

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