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  1. Bookers police app x2

    To easy
  2. Bookers police app x2

    Ah no worries. Sweet thanks for that. Quick question, what are the requirements for ranking up? Cheers
  3. Bookers police app x2

  4. Bookers police app x2

    Thanks for that fogo. Now i believe that is all the requirements that I need or do I also have to give my left kidney?
  5. Bookers police app x2

    You fellas are really making this hard for me arnt you. Well I'm pretty sure fogo said he would plus one but that was a while ago and could of gotten lost in translation so to speak. If he does not approve or your not happy with that still I will have to make a new friend on the weekend as I'm not home until Friday.
  6. Bookers police app x2

    Fair enough, there's still tikannis plus one and krypTarch's plus one?
  7. Bookers police app x2

    What about the plus one from tikaani that was on my other post? Surly that still counts
  8. Bookers police app x2

    What have I missed?
  9. Bookers police app x2

    What's the verdict boss?
  10. Bookers police app x2

    Hmm you make me hard bby xx
  11. Booker's police app

    Righto lad, I'll create a new one for ya xx
  12. Bookers police app x2

    Police Application About You: I'm am a dedicated arma 3 player and will suck dick for a plus one. Brief Description About You: erm I have 2 arms What Is Your In Game name?: [SOA] Booker How old are you?: 18 today lads get keen What Is You Player ID?76561198075393240 Do you have an understanding of the Police Rules and Tickets?: yes I do Who completed your induction training?(they must post here they have as well): will get done I suppose. About You In-Game: How long have you been playing Australia Life ?: 2000 hours Have you played as a Public Cop before?: unfortunatly x2 When you're off duty (not playing cop) what do you do?: usually role around robbing cunts Why Do You Think You Will Make A Good Police Officer ? (Make this interesting): law enforcement are often heralded for their many intangible benifits, from helping others to serving the XTG community. The chain of command in the law enforcement provides a excellent opportunity to promote and advance through the ranks. The learning never stops in law enforcement. Because I'll be working in a diverse and dynamic environment. I will be leaning new tactics... and techniques throughout my career. As such, mandatory retraining that most post and standards and training commissions impose on myself and other officers, training opportunities exist for an almost immeasurable number of topics that will help me excel in my career. It's not a secret law enforcement officers like to reveal too often, but the truth of the matter is, the job is actually fun. While working as a police officer it's not uncommon to hear the phrase, "I can't believe I'm getting payed to do this!" Sometimes you may have to drive fast. Sometimes you may have to chase people on foot. this is not to say that professionalism goes out the window, but rather that personal enjoyment from a job don't both safely and well, with a positive outcome, is a well-deserved and welcomed side benefit for an already rewarding law enforcement career. Its true that working in law enforcement can be hard, and there are many difficult and tiring days on the job. At the same time, though, a career as a police officer offers opportunities and benefits not found in almost any other job. Cheers ladies.
  13. Booker's police app

    Am I able to get a second opinion on this from someone like Fogo or kyzah as they have played with me in past servers? Because I do believe that having a fair bit of experience in game speaks louder then a cop application.
  14. Booker's police app

    You know I will xx
  15. Booker's police app

    mad cunt <3

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