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  1. Michael Irwin - Police App

    About You: Brief Description About You: I am currently a 14 year old living in Australia and am currently aspiring to become a police officer when I get out of school. What Is Your In Game name?: [FINA] Michael Irwin (Getting rid of the tag) How old are you?: 14 What Is your Player ID?: (https://steamid.io/ put your link in here and give us steamID64) Steam ID: 76561198150194265 Do you have an understanding of the Police Rules and Tickets?: Yes. Who completed your induction training?(they must post here they have as well): No. I have been trained at a basic level but still need my induction training. TeamSpeak 3 name: The_Mikeman but nick named Michael Irwin on XtG TS server. About You In-Game: How long have you been playing XtG Altis Life ?: I have played 8+ hours Have you played as a Public Cop before?: Yes, for approx. 6+ hours When you're off duty (not playing cop) what do you do?: Tobacco runs for money or have fun with friends. Have you been banned from our server?: Yes, once but I have learned from it. Why do you think you will make a good police officer ? (Make this interesting): I think I would make a good police officer because I have been told by multiple whitelisted cops and civs that I have potential to be a great cops I just need to learn I few more things plus I don't want to brag but I'm pretty badass with the taser rifle. I also have a good understanding of 10 codes due to the few roleplay crews I played with in gta. I also know the Miranda rights and willing to cut down people's jail sentence/ tickets if they are nice and do everything we say. Also might let someone go if their role-play reason is good enough.

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