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  1. Spawn on SQUAD MATES, ECT...

    Well I have suggested that Both the slums and that mission in the lakes either go with a better mission where ai dont respawn and dont aim bot you from 1.5KM away haha and i have been looking for those missions but cant find them on the exile mod forums if you find any decent ones there link them to this post mate so we can look into adding them for trials. As for the spawning on team would be kind of OP but the deploying of the quad bike is currently being looked into.
  2. Salutations

    Welcome !
  3. you know whats funny you look like a woman but sound like a man like wtf ?


    1. Elite IV

      Elite IV

      Yeah, i'm a scary bitch

  4. What server was this on mate ?
  5. Name: WADE Age: 25 Why do you want to be staff ?: Dan asked me to and i can help the3 community with issues and bugs ts and ingame What position are you aiming for ?: dans spot no less Why should we accept you over anyone else? : i have previous admin experience on previously popular altis life server (Vendetta) now known as underbelly arm. Previous experience?: As above Additional info? :
  6. Fix for when Police raid or a civilian Robbing a house. Fix 1. When person lockpicking being cop or civ successfully lockpick / boltcuts their way into a house they will then be given the keys to said house giving them the ability to steal or claim virtual and box crate items
  7. RP reasons/ time when it can be used - Any combat situation / Kavala takeover / Hostage situation / Methods to acquire Suicide Vests - Gather fair amount of explosives from a weapons convoy / craft explosives Also with a chance to drop in a weapons convoy.
  8. As the title suggests plus would like to add a few more suggestions like a Rape option after knocking someone out alongside with a chance of giving the victim a STI or disease with debilitating effects. And only way to heal said persistent disease is to see a witch doctor to heal somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Blackfish for civs with a modified virtual inventory to hold less Y menu items and unarmed and also the the Y-32 xian unarmed would be great. More Ai mission frequency with a longer despawn timer. also a random loot finder in abandoned houses where you can search an empty broken building for a chance of rare and low end tier Y menu items ranging from tool kits upto gold bars.
  9. rubber bullet guns civs

    +1 as i was talking about last week

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