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    Below are some priority news and announcements! If you're involved with our community more than a guest than it's recommended you view whats going on below if you haven't already!

    Kind Regards, Elite IV - Owner & Developer of [XtG] - Xtreme Tactical Gaming Community AU/NZ

    Server Online! - Alpha Stage

    Elite IV
    By Elite IV,

    Proud to announce that our server has been placed online and is available to play in "Alpha" stage, please expect bugs and not correct game assets in these game stages. More updates will arise quickly as we test the current features that have been implemented to assure game server stability.






    Connection Information:


    Kind Regards, Elite IV - Owner & Developer of XtG Community AU/NZ

    XtG Community AU/NZ - CO-OP Zombie Mayhem #1

    Elite IV
    By Elite IV,

    XtG Community AU/NZ - CO-OP Zombie Mayhem #1

    Server Launch: Friday, 25th - August - 2017


    Copyright Disclaimer:

    We take no ownership of AlliedModders or any authors that post on AlliedMods Website. However modified input to said scripts stated below are by XtG Development Team / Elite IV. The Zombie Mayhem Framework is a heavily modified XtG community reserved  Left 4 Dead 2 extension based off the SourceMod plugin. We combine plugins and functions together with either using built-in API or custom API to develop that game aspect much more in-depth and unique than any competing modded Rust server. All original authors of plugins used in our framework are still acknowledged and credited.



    Zombie Mayhem Framework - Owned & Developed by Elite IV


    Patch Notes:

    Patch 0.a1 - 25/08/2017

    Started Zombie Mayhem Framework 0.a1






    Poaching from XTG

    By Medium,

    Hi All,

       It has come to the attention of the Staff team that a player has left our community and has started a community to try and rival ours.

    As a staff team we wish them luck but we will not take them poaching player from our community. The staff team has evidence which we are currently reviewing that as this point in time points to player poaching.

    We ask all our players so remain loyal to our community which you have all had a part in building and will have a part of building in the future.

    As per our rules any player caught Poaching players on our Game server ,TeamSpeak or Forums will be banned.

    Regards, Medium

    Community feedback

    By Medium,

    Hi all

      As I am sure some of you are aware last night the community staff had a meeting. As part of this meeting we have realised we are due for another community meeting which there will be a announcement on later today. The idea of this post is to remind members staff do value player feedback. We are working to make the server Balanced. As part of this we will make changes to the server some players may not like and we do understand this, These changes in most cases are not just on a whim they are made after a small meeting of staff with a balance in mind. We are most often happy to post the reason for these changes of people are interested to try and keep the community up to date. I will touch on this more at the community meeting.

    XtG Community is looking for 2 new support staff!

    By Dan,

    Hey XtG Community!


    The XtG staff team happily promoted Spevtav and Seven7s last nignht to Global Moderator from Player Supporter, that means that we are currently looking for two more player support staff to fill their positions!


    Fill out the below template to apply:

    Why do you want to be staff?:
    What position are you aiming for(future goals)?:
    Why should we accept you over anyone else?:
    Previous experience?:
    Any additional info?:

    @Elite IV @Medium @Deathraven @Gingy @FOGO @Husky @Carl Dizy @KyzAh @Calibre @Corbs


    Above is the current XtG staff team who will be making the decisions


    We will take applications for the next 3 days (Starting 3/20/2017) and then accept the applicants we see fit after those 3 days.

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