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    Below are some priority news and announcements! If you're involved with our community more than a guest than it's recommended you view whats going on below if you haven't already!

    Kind Regards, Elite IV - Owner & Developer of [XtG] - Xtreme Tactical Gaming Community AU/NZ

    Arma 3 update

    By Dan,

    Hey team


    Arma 3 has updated, its a biggy (10gb) if you have apex. XtG Development are working on updating the server asap!




    Cheers lads

    Congratulations on promotions!

    By Dan,

    Hi team last night XtG staff/police force had a bunch of promotions.


    Police promotions:

    Constable > Senior Constable

    Zen Cruz

    Nicholas Blade


    Constable > Sergeant



    Staff promotions:

    Player support > Global Moderator




    Global Administrator > Head Administrator


    Comp for Player

    By Medium,

    Hi all,

      Just to update you all we are going to be going back to the rules on Comp request and all comp request must be placed via the support ticket system that is part of the forum. This will result in comp taking a little longer to be done But it makes it eaiser for admin to be able to keep a eye on other issues.

    Fraud Arma 3 Servers

    Elite IV
    By Elite IV,

    We've heard there are some people creating servers with the same name tag or same community name. We do NOT have any other servers on Arma 3 besides our Australia Life RPG HD.


    If you join those servers we're not responsible for any player data being compromised. If any new XtG Community servers are officially made they will have banners on our forums. (Side Widgets/Blocks)


    We do not own a Wasteland, Exile, Invade & Annex, King Of The Hill or any other gamemode.

    Teamspeak Permissions Overhaul

    Elite IV
    By Elite IV,

    Due to a bug found in our teamspeak permissions, we've started to reconfigure them correctly. This being said all permissions need to be deleted and re-added correctly to make sure we don't run into any issues in the future.


    Thank you everyone, Sorry for any inconvenience.


    Note: Any staff requiring their tags back and any community members. Please join the waiting after we have announced the teamspeak has been reconfigured.

  • Arma 3 - Altis Exile Top 5 Richest Players

    Dossy - Locker Poptabs: 150000

    ACS | Trrexy - Locker Poptabs: 143575

    Hoad - Locker Poptabs: 98635

    Kael - Locker Poptabs: 78540

    ACS | WADE - Locker Poptabs: 77736
  • Arma 3 - Altis Exile Top 5 Respected Players

    Nick Miller - Total Respect: 36170

    Rhino - Total Respect: 34725

    ACS | Trrexy - Total Respect: 34569

    Dossy - Total Respect: 29201

    ACS | WADE - Total Respect: 25000

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