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    Below are some priority news and announcements! If you're involved with our community more than a guest than it's recommended you view whats going on below if you haven't already!

    Kind Regards, Elite IV - Owner & Developer of [XtG] - Xtreme Tactical Gaming Community AU/NZ

    Recent V1.1 Server Update

    Elite IV
    By Elite IV,

    Server Patch V1.1

    This is a pending server update, which is going to be uploaded to the main game server once it is ready. This topic will be moved to "Recent" as well as the title will change to "Recent".


    RECENT! - This is a recent server update, all below have been uploaded to the main game server and the content / patches are accessible!


    XtG Community - XtG Development Team grinds for hours and hours to bring you the up-most unique gameplay of the "Altis Life RPG" series. We are no way affiliated with the Altis Life RPG Framework, We are however using Tonic's mysql and system functions for our framework "Australia Life RPG" which is a framework XtG Development Team has created (All Rights Reserved). Like most new "Altis Life" servers, they are all the same. ALL THE SAME. (Not ones that have been around since 2015, You know who you are.) Are literally all the same, Drug resources and plots ect. NPC/Marker placement. Its just the same shit every time you join a server using the word "Unique" in their name.


    Its not right, Its Vanilla. Its Shit.

    XtG Development Team came to storm that shit and build from the ground up. Here you are.                



    Removed Agios Chop Shop.

    Fixed problem with helicopters stealing storage crates through houses.

    Added blinker sound for starting a indicator.

    Fixed all map object ATM's using the Windows Key.

    Fix Commonwealth Bank not deleting its marker once robbed successfully.

    Removed Military Experiment Lab Mission.

    Removed Currency Verification Union Mission.

    Removed Human Preservation Center Mission.

    Gold Convoy Mission now has 50 AI units protecting the convoy.

    Nerfed the amount of weapons / weapon types you get with Weapons Transport Mission.

    Weapons Transport Mission now has 30 AI units protecting the convoy.

    Updated loading screen image.

    Changed max amount of allowed houses/garages to 5.

    Added "Pay Bail" Infostand to jail.

    Removed Rangefinders, Long Range Scopes & Snipers/Heavy LMG's from the Advanced Underground Weapons Store.

    Moved Jail to Chelonisi.

    Removed Tempest Device from Civilian Truck Shops and placed them only in  the Advanced Underground Vehicle Store.

    Police Weapons Store has been updated to the newest google docs police branch.

    Police Vehicle Store has been updated to the newest google docs police branch.

    Added New SUV & Sports Hatchback Police Vehicle Skins.

    Raised Abandoned Bridge height.

    Named & Tagged & Replaced every single petrol station.

    Re-Wrote Petrol Stations Robbing Script.

    Petrol Stations now has identities.

    Fixed Apricots & Grapes not being edible.

    Added Purple "Trespass" zones added to all Pd's, Gang bases, Robable missions.

    Updated Status Bar.

    Re-Worked un-fliping vehicles.

    Major framework optimization.

    Increased fuel usage.
    Removed Zones from all petrol stations.

    Added ATM's to all Vehicle Modification Shops.

    Changed Kavala PD zone to a safezone.

    Marked Highway-Patrol, Maritime Base & Police Air HQ with a trespassing zone.

    Marked Kavala vehicle garage with a safe zone.

    Removed "Resistance" players online counter from status bar.

    Changed Highway Patrol Map Marker to Civilian Car.

    Only 1 robbable mission can be done at once with a 20 minute timer after it either being failed or completed.

    Implemented Air Drop Missions.

    Made the Commonwealth Bank a 7 News notification.

    Implemented Capturable Police Checkpoints.

    Implemented new jail feature for breaking players out.

    Implemented Highway Patrol License.

    Added Weapon/Clothing & Item Store to Highway Patrol & Maritime.

    You now need to buy "Jail Schematic Blueprint" in order to use the "Jail Bolt Cutters".

    You now lose your Advance Underground License when you're sent to jail.

    Patched Bolt Cutters from being able to interact with the Jail Dome & Jail House.

    Added High-Vis skin for police hunters.

    Added AOS skin for police hunters.

    Added Orca to AOS's Air Shop, with the AOS skin.

    Added Hellcat to Police Air Shop, with the Police Skin. (Cop Level 5).

    Added Police Highway Patrol uniform.

    Moved Weapons, Clothing & Item shop into 1 infostand at AOS.

    Nerfed price of the AK-12 Magazines in the AOS weapons store.

    Added Viper Harness Black backpack to the AOS clothing shop.

    Replaced Heli Helmet Nato with correct helicopter helmet in the AOS clothing shop.

    Added flashbangs/smokes to AOS weapon shop.

    Added AOS SUV & Hatchback Sport Skins.

    Implemented Crime Investigation Branch.

    Added Light Combat Helmet & Officer Fatigues to the Medic clothing store. (Level 4)

    Removed Voting Day & Night Command.

    Updated all staff powers & permissions.

    Added SPAR-17 gun to the AOS weapons store.

    Updated Police Car C4 explosion velocity from 1000 to 10000.

    Updated all resource prices (Economy Fix.)

    Added Hospital to all cities.

    Implemented Hospital Teleporter.

    Updated all Underground Clothing & Weapons store.

    Fixed house crates from duplicating.

    Updated & Implemented Every / New Police Charge from Police Sheet (Google Docs.)

    Players now wear jail uniform upon being sent to jail.

    Implemented 7 News Team.

    Increased Respawn timer when "Request Medic" button is pressed (10 Minutes.)

    Implemented system for cops to send to jail on their own timeframe.

    Added BWM Gang Base to the map.

    Bad Mouthing Staff

    By Medium,

    Hi All,


       I am sure some of you may or may not be aware there has been posts and comment made about one of the community staff members that does not reflect the truth of the Situation. I have seen both the accused chat log and also the original log and they do not match. The logs have also been sent to Elite for him to review. Slander of community staff will not be tolerated within XtG. If you have a issue with staff please politely raise it with another staff member.


    Cheers Medium


    Altis Life HD V1 (ALRPG Framework) News

    Elite IV
    By Elite IV,

    So far i'm close to completing my TODO list and fixing small bugs as i go along some scripts i have implemented in previous versions. What i wanted to say is that this release is going to top every release we have ever done since 0.a1 (Alpha 1) which is crazy cause that was about 20 updates ago.


    I really do want to say a huge thanks to all the new players and our current staff team! Without you guys this would not be possible as there are really competitive communities out there.


    This update, i can't stop talking about. We're literally going to have so much things to do. Theres already so much to do but theres going to be more. Further updates after V1 will still happen although they won't be as big anymore because theres nothing that would need to be implemented as of yet just bug fixes and touch ups every now and then. I can't wait to start doing V1.1 - V1.9 - V2, Its definitely going to be one hell of a journey for us and hopefully we expand well due to being a single dev spending over 800 hours so far going back and forth to the map editor and replacing small shitty code xD


    All jokes aside, thanks again guys. Standby for V1 its the mother fucking hype train fellas. I'm going to storm on every server.

    An update on how to give suggestions for improvements/updates on server

    By Dan,

    Hello XtG Community


    Recently a lot of the staff have been swamped with GREAT ideas for improvements/updates to the server and we appreciate everyone's ideas, unfortunately a lot of the ideas are getting lost in the mix of the busy staff/busy development team situation we have going on.


    If you have an idea for ANY improvement on the server no matter how small or how big it is post it here:



    Please do not think you suggestion will be unrecognised because trust me 99% of all my suggestions are now on the server.


    Kind Regards



    Pub slot information session

    By Medium,

    Hi All

    Just wanted to make this post as a heads up that I am looking at some time on Saturday running our first (hopefully soon to be once a month) Pub slot information session for the ALPD. The session will cover information on what is expected of you when you play as a Pub slot along with information on what you need to do to get white listed and the chain of command. 


    As as of yet a time has not been set. If you are interested in attending please express your interest below along with what time suits you and I will try and run the session to allow the highest attendance. 


  • Arma 3 - Altis Exile Top 5 Richest Players

    Dossy - Locker Poptabs: 150000

    ACS | Trrexy - Locker Poptabs: 143575

    Hoad - Locker Poptabs: 98635

    Kael - Locker Poptabs: 78540

    ACS | WADE - Locker Poptabs: 77736
  • Arma 3 - Altis Exile Top 5 Respected Players

    Nick Miller - Total Respect: 36170

    Rhino - Total Respect: 34725

    ACS | Trrexy - Total Respect: 34569

    Dossy - Total Respect: 29201

    ACS | WADE - Total Respect: 25000

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