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    Below are some priority news and announcements! If you're involved with our community more than a guest than it's recommended you view whats going on below if you haven't already!

    Kind Regards, Elite IV - Owner & Developer of [XtG] - Xtreme Tactical Gaming Community AU/NZ

    New Server Hoster!

    Elite IV
    By Elite IV,

    We have exceeded a 20 slot server in the testing month of growing XtG Community. So i have decided to buy a dedicated server. Although this isn't such a high grade server we still want players to give feedback if the FPS and latency is still decent and playable. Obviously in the future we will be buying a more powerful server for our Arma server due to it being so god damn CPU hungry. Hopefully this server we have bought from "Vocus Communications T3 Sydney Datacenter" is good enough for this project.


    Note: THIS IS NOT A WIPE, don't freak out. Your stuff from the last server has been merged to the current server.

    Database Wipe! 23/2/17

    Elite IV
    By Elite IV,

    XtG Community rarely do database wipes, although we recently had a flaw of the "Reserve Bank of Altis" not having a correct rewards multiplier number. Giving players a crazy amount of money. We also noticed houses still owned from the Australia Map which is causing errors with the server. We saw best fitted that everyone starts fresh from now. :) We have added a load of features so getting back on your feet shouldn't be so hard. Just don't blow that 250k to quickly ;)


    Thanks again guys, I'm really sorry for any inconvenience but this is my call and i think its best for everyone! Housing has also been fixed. So that should let everyone race to get their dream houses.


    ~ Regards

    Elite IV - Owner & Developer of XtG Community AU/NZ!

    Public Pay by Streamline Servers!

    Elite IV
    By Elite IV,

    So we have created a small public pay link on streamline servers for those who want to contribute directly to our game servers rather than donate for perks. If you would like to donate for perks please use the forums donation!


    Public Pay by Streamline Servers

    Referral Rewards

    Elite IV
    By Elite IV,

    Referral Rewards!

    We are now offering a reward system for referring your friends to the server.



    Friend must play 10 hours on the server

    You and your friend must have a forum account


    Your reward:

    $100,000 per person!

    Your friend also receives $50,000!


    It will also give you respect and gratefulness from myself and the XtG Staff.


    How to apply for your reward:

    Top right corner of the forums is a support button, click that button. It will take you to a "New Request" interface where you can then select a department in which ticket you want to create and a Staff Member will get around to it as soon as possible. It will most likely be me. Elite IV.

    500 Steam Group Members!

    Elite IV
    By Elite IV,

    Woooo Just want to say a huge thank you to all our supporters and players.


    Don't forget to join our teamspeak to get into game lobbies and game with #XtGClan

    Gotta say its quite an achievement!


    WE reached 200 members on steam @ 19 October 2015 - 04:05 PM

    We have come along way!

  • Arma 3 - Altis Exile Top 5 Richest Players

    Dossy - Locker Poptabs: 150000

    ACS | Trrexy - Locker Poptabs: 143575

    Hoad - Locker Poptabs: 98635

    Kael - Locker Poptabs: 78540

    ACS | WADE - Locker Poptabs: 77736
  • Arma 3 - Altis Exile Top 5 Respected Players

    Nick Miller - Total Respect: 36170

    Rhino - Total Respect: 34725

    ACS | Trrexy - Total Respect: 34569

    Dossy - Total Respect: 29201

    ACS | WADE - Total Respect: 25000

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