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  • Donation Goals

    Community Foundation

    The community foundation funds are used for server upgrades or fees as well as other community related requirements that involve money.

    All contributions help a lot with growing and maintaining the community. Currently, if you donate now to the community you will receive a lifetime status of a tier in the following sections:

    Note these contributor statuses will become a monthly subscription when we have reached 30 donators.

    XtG Bronze Contributor - $10 AUD

    XtG Silver Contributor - $25 AUD

    XtG Gold Contributor - $50 AUD

    XtG Platinum Contributor - $100 AUD

    460.09 AUD of 1,000.00 AUD Donate Now
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    ackla - Player Level: 0

    Astartes - Player Level: 0

    Marshall Galvez - Player Level: 0

    [NWO] JJacob - Player Level: 0

    [JDC]memelord420 - Player Level: 0

  • XtG's Altis Life RPG Server - Top 5 Highest EXP Players

    Dexterity - Player EXP: 1220

    Riko Konstantinovna - Player EXP: 1000

    JB. - Player EXP: 530

    Daniel Oake - Player EXP: 190

    CL1914 “Wolfie” - Player EXP: 50

  • XtG's Altis Life RPG Server - Top 5 Richest Players

    Riko Konstantinovna - Total Bank: $50857940

    Akmal - Total Bank: $8691999

    Dexterity - Total Bank: $6625854

    Num Num - Total Bank: $1585644

    JB. - Total Bank: $1562981

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    • Hey everyone, so for those that are still around and kicking back i just want you all to know that we're here to stay and we'll be continuing the Altis Life RPG project on Arma 3, currently as of 2020 the player base for Arma 3 OCE is very low and there isn't much to gain but we're just going to push through and build upon this until we find a new game or project we want to create. Updates won't be often and server restarts may be late, When holidays pop up for work and schools we will try and get everyone on to see what we can get but we know it won't be much. At least by then, we'll have completed the framework's foundation (Economy, Police Stuff, Skilling & AI Missions / Random Events) and upon doing this gives the development team much more knowledge for any upcoming projects.   I also want to apologize for the lack of in-activity of myself, I've been busy with life stuff as most of us in the community are adults and have lives. We will become big and great one day. We will find that path and we will seize that opportunity as soon as it appears.   Just a massive thanks to everyone who has dedicated their time and effort into XtG, i just wanted to let yous all know that we're here to stay and we're not disbanding or shutting down. Personally, I'm keen for Arma 4 but there's no official countdown for that so we'll just kick back for a bit.   Hope to see you guys on TeamSpeak or here on the forums whenever you's are free and wanna kick back!
    • Notice the mic isn't even connected xD It's okay of the amount of times she said ni**er, she has plenty of black in her xD iykyk    
    • Hello JB!   Thank you for taking the time to apply for the community member title. I've accepted your application. Welcome to the community JB! We're honored to have you aboard.
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