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Why Donate?

Our community requires money to stay alive, without funding we cannot continue to give our service to the gaming industry. All donations given to us are used to keep all our services running.

  • Donation Stats

    Total Donors
    460.09 AUD
    Total Donations
    1,000.00 AUD
    Total Goals
    460.09 AUD of 1,000.00 AUD
    Latest Donation
    07/24/2020 · 50.00 AUD
  • Donation Goals

    Community Foundation

    The community foundation funds are used for server upgrades or fees as well as other community related requirements that involve money.

    All contributions help a lot with growing and maintaining the community. Currently, if you donate now to the community you will receive a lifetime status of a tier in the following sections:

    Note these contributor statuses will become a monthly subscription when we have reached 30 donators.

    XtG Bronze Contributor - $10 AUD

    XtG Silver Contributor - $25 AUD

    XtG Gold Contributor - $50 AUD

    XtG Platinum Contributor - $100 AUD

    460.09 AUD of 1,000.00 AUD Donate Now

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