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  1. So after having a look around on the internet we couldn't find a Discord server for OCE Fortnite players. As OCE players know it's not fun to randomly que for games all the time. XtG Community has dedicated a little time to help the Fortnite OCE Community in bringing them together with this discord server. This Discord server is open to all OCE players. Hope to see you on soon guys! https://discord.gg/vXvYH67
  2. https://www.twitch.tv/mathil1/

    Cheap but great quality streaming gear on his info panel twitch channel.

  3. Server stress testing and performance completed. Server seed was set to 5374 @ 4000 KM/s Oxide has been installed. Server is now live and ready to play. _______________________________________________________________________________________ Gather Manager plugin installed. Resource Dispensers set to x5. Pickups set to x5. Quarry set to x5. Surveys set to x5. Dispenser for trees set to x5. Dispenser for ores set to x5. Dispenser for corpses set to x5. ZLevels plugin installed. Set max level of all skills to 100. Enabled crafting skill. TimeOfDay plugin installed. Length of daytime have been set to 55 minutes out of 60 minutes (1 in-game day) Length of nighttime have been set to 5 minutes out of 60 minutes (1 in-game day)
  4. Chapter 2, Season 2 of Fortnite will be live tonight AEST 7:00PM !!! Get hyped everyone, we gon be on that grind for sure. Keen asssssss
  5. Was searching google for quite a bit and found nothing but garbage on how to resolve this issue... Lol official 7 Days 2 Die developers saying that port might not be closed wait 5 minutes then start the server again... lmao really. So to fix it, (well in my case that worked and should work for you as I've not done any modifications to my server and downloaded all server files from official steam cmd at 15/2/2020) you need to assign a property in the "serverconfig.xml" that's in the main directory of your 7 Days 2 Die server folder. Paste this code just below the property "ServerDisabledNetworkingProtocols" -> <property name="ServerIP" value="YOUR DEDICATED SERVER IP"/> Hope this works for you as it did for me. If it doesn't maybe the below might help you but i doubt it. Also i don't think changing listening port will do anything for it either. But you can try. The error clearly states "FormatException: An invalid ip address" lol... not a "PortBindError" or some shit like that. In the process of finding that solution this was what i did anyways... Don't do the stuff below, it's what i had to go through over a simple property that was not even included in the default serverconfig.xml.... like wow not even tabbed out with a comment saying something. Switched networking mode SteamNetworking to LiteNetLib. - Nope... Disabled IPV6 protocol on dedicated server networking settings. - Nope.... Assigned a new property to serverconfig.xml - "ServerIP" (was not included with default serverconfig.xml) - FIXED 7:49 AM AEST 15/2/2020 searched all official 7 days 2 die forums and supporter groups including steam forums... nothing Then i found a German website that was not English at all.... just saw the keyword "1.659 GamePref.ServerIP =" lol... SOURCE LINK HERE
  6. Just a quick guide on how to hide map objects in Arma 3, in case you wanted to build a nice area on some ground but there's stuff around you don't want. This is a much cleaner way than having to put any init code on the actual mission scripting files, and also you can actually select an object you want to remove rather than objects that are near a marker.... Things go wrong when you tell a computer to do something on it's own. 1: Open Eden Editor and load your mission.sqm file that you want to delete the map objects on. 2: Now, we need to turn on Object ID's so we know what we're hiding. Open the map first and then press "~" or navigate to "Tools -> Debug Console" and put this in your debug console. (Remember, you need to have the map open for this.) do3DENAction "ToggleMapIDs"; You will only see the object map ID's if you scroll into the map, Simply look at the object and then view the map to see if that's the closest object id number to it. Remember that number. We'll need it soon. 2: Search for something in the spawn table called "Game Logic". Should look like a blue icon with an eye once you place it on the map. 3: Place it on the object (on it or near it doesn't matter.) and put the following code into the initialization -> (getPos this nearestObject OBJECTIDHERE) hideObject true; Replace "OBJECTIDHERE" with the object id of the object you want to remove from the map. This was the number we found when we were in the map view mode. Now when you save your mission.sqm and load it onto a server, the object should be hidden. For testing purposes you could temporarily spawn a playable character next to the object you've hidden to see if it has been hidden by the game engine. Hope this helps yous, there's literally nothing on google about this....
  7. So I've reached the point of where i now need to convert my images to PAA format. I've ran into some problems and did some research and have solved my problem. Thought i would create a topic here and compile all the solutions anyone may run into in the future as there's not many threads about this. Problem: 1: Cannot load texture (Arma 3 Engine) 2: Failed to process (ImageToPAA or TexView 2) Solution: For problem 1: You must also make sure that you've packed your mission file into a pbo. You can use "PBO Manager" for this, found on ArmaHolic. For problem 2: When converting images of any format with "ImageToPAA", you must use proper sizes like 128x128, 256x256, 512x512, 1024x1024, 2048x2048 etc or 512x1024 1024x2048 etc. You must also make sure your image is 8 Bit Channel and not anything else.
  8. We've found a new theme that has now been applied to our forums. Let us know what you think about the new look!
  9. Here is a small guide on how to set transparency on hex colors so you can see through the color if you have an image behind it etc. So your standard HEX color code should look like this "#000000" which is black. I want to make that a background color for a box but it's really dark and i want to display an image behind it. Change the hex to this "#00000080" - The last extra 2 characters at the end of the hex code are for transparency / opaque. Here are different percentage of transparency you can have, Just change the last 2 characters to the ones at the end of these percentages. Hope this helps guys i was stuck on this for a bit and did some research and found it, thought i would compile it and place it here for yous. All hex value from 100% to 0% alpha: 100% — FF 99% — FC 98% — FA 97% — F7 96% — F5 95% — F2 94% — F0 93% — ED 92% — EB 91% — E8 90% — E6 89% — E3 88% — E0 87% — DE 86% — DB 85% — D9 84% — D6 83% — D4 82% — D1 81% — CF 80% — CC 79% — C9 78% — C7 77% — C4 76% — C2 75% — BF 74% — BD 73% — BA 72% — B8 71% — B5 70% — B3 69% — B0 68% — AD 67% — AB 66% — A8 65% — A6 64% — A3 63% — A1 62% — 9E 61% — 9C 60% — 99 59% — 96 58% — 94 57% — 91 56% — 8F 55% — 8C 54% — 8A 53% — 87 52% — 85 51% — 82 50% — 80 49% — 7D 48% — 7A 47% — 78 46% — 75 45% — 73 44% — 70 43% — 6E 42% — 6B 41% — 69 40% — 66 39% — 63 38% — 61 37% — 5E 36% — 5C 35% — 59 34% — 57 33% — 54 32% — 52 31% — 4F 30% — 4D 29% — 4A 28% — 47 27% — 45 26% — 42 25% — 40 24% — 3D 23% — 3B 22% — 38 21% — 36 20% — 33 19% — 30 18% — 2E 17% — 2B 16% — 29 15% — 26 14% — 24 13% — 21 12% — 1F 11% — 1C 10% — 1A 9% — 17 8% — 14 7% — 12 6% — 0F 5% — 0D 4% — 0A 3% — 08 2% — 05 1% — 03 0% — 00
  10. Then this happened instead. xD
  11. My second montage, hope you enjoy. #TrapAsia #TrappingInFortnite
  12. This is my first montage for Fortnite. Hope you guys like it. It's been a while since i've uploaded anything so here's something to kick it off again!
  13. Yeah i 100% do, the CO-OP is slightly dead but with the help of our community we've created a group to help players find lobbies. 1 thing for sure that makes up for it is the solo campaign. It's very story rich and you get a nice feel of upgrading weapons and unlocking special skills along the story line. CO-OP has a nice skin unlocking system where you can get points to unlock pieces of clothing to make your player look nice. I'm currently unlocking bits of the "Gold" skin pieces. I do recommend this game, really fun especially with friends online.
  14. This method should fix your 0x80240FFF error if you're getting this via "Windows Update" interface. Reason for this error is unknown but if you're using a cracked version of windows then this is probably why. You can fix this if you have a cracked pre-activated windows key or even a legit copy. Step 1: Go to HERE (or if that doesn't work Click Here) Download the "Windows 10 (MONTH) (YEAR) Update" section at the top. Run the program and follow as directed. After that, problem with updating windows should be gone and you should be sweet. those who are facing access denied error: try this command -> net stop WuAuServ and then try -> ren c:\Windows\softwaredistribution softwaredistribution.old --> access denied
  15. So for those that have just got or are playing "Homefront: The Revolution Mode" - We've created a steam group for you guys to add people there and find friends to play with. There's more description on the steam group. Feel free to join it if you own a copy of Homefront: The Revolution! Homefront: The Revolution Mode Steam Group!

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