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  1. Woooo 0.a8 - Every time we get through a patch we are one step closer to release. Remember, release is when 0.b9 has started! So if you see the 0.b9 thread in the forums updates section, then that means the server is live for stress testing! TODO: Implement stealing kidneys system. Implement zip ties and gagging system. Implement morphine system for medics. Implement panic button for medics. Implement show drivers license for civilians. Implement capture police checkpoints system for police. Implement "Call for backup" system for police. Implement auction system - player 2 player custom trading. Implement in-game cop whitelisting system. COMPLETED: Implemented dragging and dropping (loading and unloading) dead bodies system. Dead bodies now remain on the server until server restart.
  2. Here is a brief thread on known bugs on our server. If you've found a bug, please reply to this thread and we will put it here in this thread so we know what needs to be fixed. Mainly bugs here are bugs that are not too game breaking but are annoying. DO NOT POST DUPES HERE! Message a staff member of this dupe, do not share it. Bugs listed below are not critical and do remain in the game until our prioritized todo list is completed and we have some downtime to process although Game breaking bugs will be fixed as a hotfix straight away and not postponed in an update. Player Stats Saving Issue (Food, Thirst, Battery & Toilet): Sometimes the client sends data to server that is not what it's expecting in regards to player stats. Issue: One of the stats is sending a float, not an integer, the var that is receiving this data is not expecting this and causes an error. Error in expression <"[90,60,0.00311463,55,84]> Error position: <_array;> File life_server\Functions\MySQL\fn_mresToArray.sqf..., line 26 File life_server\Functions\MySQL\fn_queryRequest.sqf..., line 108 Consequence: The player that is affected by this bug will login to the server with all stats besides health displaying "any". Health stat remains working as it's initialized client side every login. Temporary Solution: Player will have to ask a developer or high rank staff member to access the database and delete the "player stats" column in the altislife table when the player is not on the server or is in the lobby on the server. Notes for Developer: We need to parse the data when it's received client side correctly, check the other stats and see how they're parsing data properly as we may have missed that doing the "Battery" stat. Player Seeing Respawn Island on Respawn Interface Mode: Dead bodies on Arma 3 Engine can be difficult to reference in their current states. Issue: When a medic sends bodies to the morgue, if a player is waiting for a revive or is still in the respawn confirmation screen, the player camera will switch to their new pending playable character on spawn island. No Errors Client or Server side. Consequence: The player affected is the player who is dead. The player that is killed will be presented with a respawn screen, there is a camera in real time placed over the dead body of the player. If a medic "sends all dead bodies to morgue" through their player actions, the dead player that is currently on the respawn screen will result in their death cam showing their new pending playable character on spawn island. The death cam will only switch to this spawn island view if medics initiate "send all dead bodies to morgue". Temporary Solution: A player will have to either wait for a medic to revive them while their death cam is currently on their pending playable character on spawn island or respawn and initiate the new character. The new character will not spawn on spawn island and everything will still be normal apart from the death cam. Notes for Developer: It's a difficult problem, Dead bodies cannot be refferenced easilly and arma 3 commands are limited in this area. We've resulted to using "deleteVehicle allDeadMen" _x forEach... Not the best but it works, We need to find a way to tell the arma 3 engine the difference between a actual dead body and a dead body that is in pending state of respawn or revival. Therefore the camera will not switch when "allDeadMen" command is processed through arma 3 engine stack. A solution to this is unknown currently but is not a game-breaking bug at all and does not affect gameplay in a negative way. The player will not be able to see their dead corpse in pending mode if a medic sends dead bodies to a morgue.
  3. We are steps closer to release. In approximately 11 more updates the server will be live. The updates (patches) have decreased from 30 per patch to 10 now as we've hashed out all the major functionality of the server. The biggest systems left really are minigames and D&Ds, shop systems that aren't complete and the infamous police system. This patch is now complete and we have moved to 0.a8! COMPLETED: Fixed vehicle store spawn marker at Pyrgos. Implemented speed bomb function. Implemented car alarm for failed lockpick attempts on vehicles. Fixed issue with sky diving infostand not working. Disabled opfor faction temporarily. Changed jail map marker names to: Altis Mainland Low Security Prison & Altis Bay Max Security Prison. Sky Diving now gives you XP for: Player Level. Consuming drugs now gives you 100 criminal exp per drug you use. Consuming items like food and drinks now gives you 50 player exp per consumed item. Players now cannot consume food or drinks if they're already at 100 in food or drinks. Fixed issue with player initialization resetting player money to starting cash on server restarts or player disconnects. Implemented police vehicle C4 for destroying seized vehicles. Fixed issue with jail boltcutters not opening low security prison gates. Removed roof fences in the low security jail. Created new dialog for cops to send players to low security or max security. Fixed issue with cops sending players to low and max security jails. Breaking into jail gates or doors now gives 500 criminal exp. Implemented jail system for max security jail. Updated XtG Economy interface and implemented "Farming Level Required:" to all items. Fixed XP Gained interface not showing full description of action commited. Implemented option to disable broadcast of player leveling up in Player Settings.
  4. These servers will reopen on launch day with the Arma 3 XtG Altis Life 0.b9!! Get keen everyone!
  5. This project is closed currently and will not be reopened until we establish some player base on Arma 3. Thank you for everyones interest! I will reopen this thread when the time comes!
  6. Hey @Akmal. I will be processing this entire report in the 0.a9 update with you. Please be online on Teamspeak when i message you on Steam! As i wrote in 2020, most of these were fixed back in 0.a3 but i want to ensure everything is actually fixed in 0.a9! Thanks again!
  7. Hello @Kikidog23 Thank you for the suggestions, After along break - We are coming back and better than ever. I've added these suggestions to the TODO list in the 0.a9 update! Truck missions is definitely possible and will be added. The selected map markers (legend system) hide/show map markers is a little complicated but possible. I will do my best to implement this in the 0.a9 update! Hope to see you back on the server
  8. Thank you, This has been added to the list of stuff to do in the 0.a9 Update!
  9. Hello @Dragno Since the server is coming back, I've decided to go through these suggestions to make sure that most are implemented. So far: The server watermark can be disabled through player y menu settings. Police gun, armour/clothing and vehicle prices are being adjusted correctly soon. The police radar has been implemented now. The cop skilling and perk system will be implemented soon and the police ticket pricing system will be discussed soon too this Sunday in a staff meeting. I hope to see you back on the server! It's been a while. Thank you for your suggestions.
  10. If you need help, Simply make a post in this category and a staff member or community member will help you with your question. This section is only questions in regards to any of our game servers or community in general. Example: - How to join a server, What's the IP for a server? When will the server be unlocked/release, etc. Regards, Elite IV
  11. Welcome, Great to see you here! I hope your stay here is pleasant. If you have any issues please contact me. You're always welcome here at XtG.

  12. Haven't seen you online in ages, Missed you Matt ❤️ 

  13. We have reached 0.a6! Along the "Alpha" stages of development on the Altis Life server. A lot of these features/functions take time to code and a lot of debugging. A few of these bugs will slip by and be there on the live server. Please make sure to report those bugs when you spot them to help keep the server stable! The server will be live on 0.b9 to allow all players and staff to stress test all features and functions so that when V1 is ready to come out, the most optimized RP server in OCE will be live. This thread is actively updated until this patch is completed. If there is still stuff on the TODO section you will see this update often. Check back here daily to see the progress! If you have suggestions please post them in the suggestions section, Some things may not be included until full release. 0.a6 is complete. We are now at 0.a7! COMPLETED: Implemented placable items for cops and medics. Implemented crafting system. Striders & Lynx are craftable only. Implemented seatbelts for vehicles. Implemented police radar for cops. Redesigned player settings GUI. Implemented option to disable music in the player menu settings tab. Implemented option to disable watermark logo in the player menu settings tab. Implemented option to disable status bar in the player menu settings tab. Implemented option to disable player hud in the player menu settings tab. Fixed issue with gutting animals not giving xp. Increased animal spawn quantity at hunting ground. Implemented crafting skill level. Implemented criminal skill level. Fixed issue with robbing fuel stations not giving xp. Seperated BLUFOR (Police) Player Cash & Bank from Civilians & Medics. (Medics & Civilians still cross-faction cash and bank.) Backpacks are now invisible on Medic and Police faction. Implemented drug effects and the option to play "Smoke Weed Everyday" song while high on pot in a car. Implemented sky diving minigame.
  14. The Farming Skill Level for the XtG Skilling system was implemented in the 0.a5 update. Being the second skill released on the server. This system impacts the economy and game-play in a very strong way and limits what players can farm straight away upon server join. It gives incentive to level up your player so you can do the more rewarding things on the server. Level requirements for resources are subject to change any time to compensate for new or removed resources. We utilized level 20 to 40 to support animals and fishing to encourage players to do these. It's very noticable that on other server no one does this at all. Maybe the fact that the spawn rates for them are completely shit and too low. On ours we have set manual markers for a nice high spawn rate. Of course there will always be people that do not want to do these regardless so we've made Tobacco a resource that players can do instead until 40 for the other land resources. 10 - Fruits & Low Rated Legal Resources 0 - 2 (Potatoes) 2 - 4 (Apples) 4 - 6 (Peaches) 6 - 8 (Apricots) 8 - 10 (Grapes) 10 - 12 (Mangoes) 12 - 14 (Strawberries) 14 - 16 (Blueberries) 16 - 18 (Wheat) 18 - 20 (Sugar Cane) 20 - 40 (Tobacco) - This was added so players can skip hunting animals or fishing to level up their farming. 20 - Meats / Animals 20 - 22 (Rabbit) 22 - 24 (Chicken) 24 - 26 (Rooster) 26 - 28 (Goat) 28 - 30 (Sheep) 30 - Fishing 30 - 32 Ornate Mackerel 32 - 34 Mullet 34 - 36 Salama 36 - 38 Catshark 38 - 40 Tuna 40 - High Rated Legal Resources 40 - 42 Refined Salt 42 - 44 Glass 44 - 46 Copper Ingot Iron Ingot 46 - 48 Cement Bag Processed Oil 48 - 50 Uncut Diamond 50 / 100 - Illegal Resources 50 - 60 Raw Turtle 60 - 62 Pot 62 - 64 Shrooms 64 - 66 Ecstasy 66 - 80 Heroin 80 - 85 Meth 85 - 90 Cocaine 90 - 95 Blood Diamonds 95 - 100 Uranium Perks: Normally all perks have only 3 stages, some will not have any stages at all depending on type of perk it is. Currently for farming the following perks are available: Processing Speed Efficiency Stage 1, 2 & 3 (Process speeds from 30%, 50% to 100%) To acquire / unlock these perks you can access the "Farming Perks" interface by clicking the farming perks button the skills interface via the Y-Menu / Player menu. If you do not have enough perk points, you won't be able to unlock them. You can gain perk points by leveling up. Each level you gain in farming will give you a set amount of perk points to do with that specific skill. You cannot use perk points gained from another skill (Criminal Skill, Player Total Level Skill, etc).
  15. Hello everyone, I've gone through the forums user's database and deleted all the bot accounts to improve community stability and avoid any spam posts. We've also included this new temporary theme that is the default theme for all users. Kind Regards, Elite IV
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