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  2. Okay so if you're viewing this thread, You've probably changed all your tracks including audio ones into solid colors. To undo this simply double-click the scroll wheel bar on the right of the tracks. As you can see below. I come from Sony Vegas Pro 14 and this feature is new in Sony Vegas Pro 16/17 and it is helpful if you have heaps of tracks. It helps to hide every image and info about a track and compact it smaller. I accidentally changed the tracks into a solid color on Sony Vegas Pro 17 and i didn't know how to change it back, I googled around and couldn't find an
  3. I found this cool program, you gotta pay for it but it's super easy to use and you can edit photos like a professional without all the professional things you need to know. It would by AI. That's pretty cool. https://skylum.com/luminar-b There are 2 videos you can watch on that link above to see it in action. You can also watch the preview below. I'm thinking about getting it aha
  4. This will be the official thread to discuss a FiveM server for XtG Community. As we all know, unfortunately Arma 3's OCE Community is not as active as back in the days and growing a community on there will prove difficult but we will not shut it down. If anything i will try and develop a cool function that allows both FiveM players and Arma 3 players to convert their cash and XP or keep them in some form of way across official XtG servers. Probably will be the first of its kind but anything is possible with databases. So i want you all XtG! to discuss here what we should do
  5. Hey everyone, so for those that are still around and kicking back i just want you all to know that we're here to stay and we'll be continuing the Altis Life RPG project on Arma 3, currently as of 2020 the player base for Arma 3 OCE is very low and there isn't much to gain but we're just going to push through and build upon this until we find a new game or project we want to create. Updates won't be often and server restarts may be late, When holidays pop up for work and schools we will try and get everyone on to see what we can get but we know it won't be much. At least by then, we'll have com
  6. Notice the mic isn't even connected xD It's okay of the amount of times she said ni**er, she has plenty of black in her xD iykyk
  7. Hello JB! Thank you for taking the time to apply for the community member title. I've accepted your application. Welcome to the community JB! We're honored to have you aboard.
  8. This is a quick thread to state a disclaimer for donating to our community. We do not expect donations and you will not receive any special perks or game advantages from donating. Donations made are done at your own free will and in return as a sign of appreciation you will receive some donation rewards, like a status title in-game and on the forums and other in-game items that do not affect gameplay on supported servers. If at any point a staff member here at XtG Community asks for a donation in order to receive something in any of our game servers please report this to
  9. 0.a4 has finally been released to the public and is now live to play on the XtG Altis Life RPG Server! Change Log: * (HOTFIX) - Fixed problem with Kavala air garage not spawning air vehicles. [Added on 0.a3 as hotfix] * (HOTFIX) - Fixed problem with Rebel North air garage not spawning air vehicles. [Added on 0.a3 as hotfix] * Updated SpyGlass configuration. * Updated skilling system. * Corrected spelling mistakes in some variable identifiers. * Fixed issue with police not being able to repair Reserve Bank of Altis doors. * Fixed issue with gathering and mining not
  10. I sometimes go back to this to remember some common commands, syntax and operator precedence. This isn't mine, i found it on ArmaHolic. So credit to the author. This is very handy if you're scripting SQF a lot. ARMA-3-SQF-Cheat-Sheet-Revision-3.pdf
  11. Hello everyone, We're proud to announce that the 0.a4 is making good progress and we've addressed many bug reports and issues the community has reported upon playing on our server. We're very appreciative of this information and feedback to help improve XtG's Altis Life RPG server. Unfortunately however, when the 0.a4 Update is released on the server, everyone's Player Level & Total XP will be reset due to a major change and overhaul in the skilling system. This is an alpha server so this is unfortunately part of the process of playing this early but a lot of players seem
  12. 0.a3 has finally been released to the public and is now live to play on the XtG Altis Life RPG Server! Change Log: * Fixed bug with players not being able to regain health from using food. * Fixed dynamic market bug not updating and saving prices of server session. * Fixed issue with Advanced Rebel license. * Implemented a fart sound to toilet system. * Fixed issue with toliet system not printing message in systemChat. * Fixed Kavala infostand medic. * Added Air & Land Garage to all rebel outposts. * Added Store to Garage option to all rebel outposts. * Add
  13. Very simple, especially on IPS where you can open source of a forum post (given you have permissions) and create anchor points. change "CHANGE_ME" to what you like, this will be reference name (identifier) we will use to jump to that page when a user clicks on the jump link. Place the div above where you want to jump to. <div id="CHANGE_ME"></div> Place a URL link to reference the div. Like creating a word "CLICK HERE" and linking that word with this: #CHANGE_ME When people click on the "CLICK HERE" that is linked with the above url, the
  14. Finally, I setup RCON. With lousy bits and pieces from over 3 videos and 10+ web pages. I've found out how to. Not one single thread or video explained it like the way i am going to. So hopefully you have stumbled upon this forum post after searching dauntlessly for a proper setup guide that actually works. The main problem is "RCON Port", we need to define this. No guide shows this when installing or using a RCON Tool. Especially if you've created a server on your home network and want to RCON it. (Server providers like StreamLine, Wombat, NSF, Villayer, etc already do this for yo
  15. We've finally finished with patch 0.a2 on our Arma 3 Altis Life RPG Project and is ready for public play in early alpha stable. We hope to see you online, come play and have fun!

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