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  1. Any more suggestions you have for the server must been forwarded now! This is the last patch for the misc updates. The next patch primary focuses on the police system! Want to thank everyone for their input in building this unique and fantastic mission. This mission has come a long way and many changes and improvements have been implemented since first build at 0.a1! 2 More patches everyone! Hope to see you there! TODO: Implement "Show Player Details" scroll wheel action. Change Intro Music & extDB Loading Screen Music. Implement persistent armoury system for sezied weapons to be stored in. Centrelink System - Check bank account to match a value or lower to be approved, Once approved the daily payments var for that player during the session is increased. Rape System - Possibility to contract aids or give it, Aids will kill a player in 1 hour if not cured. Toliet Sickness System - Make a radius, if people are around they can get sick (curable at hospital) and they shit and piss themselves too, they also cannot heal past 50 until cured. Reserve bank of Altis - In a 30 second counter once entering the area there is a chance to get a automatic wanted charge for tresspassing.
  2. @System32 shared this with me, I didn't even know it existed. It's so handy! Pretty much I use it for finding paths for P3Ds so I can spawn the objects that aren't available straight off the Eden Editor. Not sure how updated this is, But it's got a lot of useful information on it regardless! ---->>>> Arma 3 Library Arma 3 Library contains images of terrain assets for mission and terrain authors as well as other tips, tricks and snippets!
  3. This is a brief guide on how to get class names of objects on Arma 3. For my sake, I needed to get classnames of objects that were already placed statically on the map. The easiest way i found was executing the "typeOf" command on the object / cursor target. Works well and saved me a bunch of time. Obviously you can just google object class names but there are heaps of buildings and objects in Arma 3. Go into eden editor Place a character on map temporarily (you can delete it after obviously.) Play as character Open debug console in esc menu Put this code in: _object = cursorTarget; hint format ["The classname of object in front is: %1", typeOf _object]; copyToClipboard typeOf _object; Local Execute the code and go back into game. On the top right you should see a hint of the object's class name you're staring/looking at, you can see if that's the class name you think you need and then simply CTRL + V onto a notepad. Hope this helps anyone!
  4. 3 More! Very excited to play with everyone on the server in 0.b9! This patch has now been finished and we're working on 0.b7! COMPLETED: Implemented Suicide Vest (Craftable Item Only). Implemented Weapons Manufacturer Transport Convoy Mission. Improved fishing and turtle hunting system. Implemented Discord server messages. Implemented drug area monitor detection chance system for cops. Fixed issue with being able to show drivers license to other players from far distances. Disabled Side Channel VON. Added new civilian "Help Channel" - Text only. Implemented Declaration System. Implemented new player tag above player head to show total level of all levels combined. Fixed issue when leveling up, the floating player level tag above head was not updated.
  5. Only 4 more patches until test server is live! 0.b5 complete. Now doing 0.b6 COMPLETED: Updated drug dealer store for new drugs. Added Plane & Helicopter Store / Garage at AAC Airfield. Implemented capturable rebel bases. (Cops can neutralie these areas - Awards a gang $50,000 every 15 minutes of a captured rebel base. Moved Cocaine Field further away from processor. All Drugs (Including Blood Diamond) require you to be in a gang to capture the gang hideout to process the drug. (You don't need to be in a gang to do Uranium). Implemented 7 new gang hideouts all associated with being a drug processing facilty. Gang hideouts if controlled grants an additional $10k to gangs paychecks every 15 minutes. Added capture notifications for police checkpoints. Implemented a task function to increase all resources to 25% of their current value every hour if they're below their max value. Finished configuring & expanding the map marker groups system.
  6. Every update we are getting closer to release! With the amount of effort I have put into this mission, I really hope it will meet most if not everyone's satisfaction. Obviously is there so much more to be done and so many more ideas to implement that you guys have but that will take time. Remember 0.B9 is when the server is live for testing and will be open to the public! The staff team encourages all players to stress test every feature/function and attempt to dupe or exploit any function in order to fix it in the full server release 1.00 (V1) ! Thank you so much for everyone's patience. I hope you are all eager still to play this mission! This patch is finalized and we've moved to 0.b5! COMPLETED: Implemented scroll wheel money pickup action. Implemented Rally Racing minigame. Changed gang creation fee to $50,000. Implemented new virtual items: Acetone, Red Phosphorus, Ephedra & Hydrochloric Acid. Implemented Pharmacy Robbery mission. Implemented "Degree in Chemistry Certificate" for meth lab (and other stuff in future). Added ATM machine at Selanko fuel station. Change Methamphetamine drug to be a system instead of just a farming resource. (Farm base ingredient, Go to pharmacy - buy or raid for supplies then take supplies to meth lab facility). Implemented gang hideout for methamphetamine processor. It cost 1 set of meth ingredients to process 3 methamphetamines.
  7. 0.b3 is now here and in progress! Only 6 more patches until launch! Get keen guys. I've put a lot of effort into perfecting this mission! 0.b3 is done! We're now working on 0.b4! COMPLETED: Adjusted Crafting System with the new gun parts from 0.b2. Added new items including gun parts to the whitelisted array of items persistently saved on player and vehicles. Implemented new house crate "Security Storage" - Cannot be opened by robbers or cops. Saves your player gear and virtual items. The Weapons Manufacturer Factory now takes 7 minutes to blow the vault lock open. Duplicated weapons convoy mission with a different loot set of better weapons, The main truck is different to. The weapons convoy mission duplicate with the advanced weapons will travel around 100kms to it's destination. If a player is shot in the head he/she cannot be revived by anyone. (Besides admin tools of course..) Implemented new kill feed system to show player's gang involvement of both parties. Weapons of caliber 7.62 and higher have been moved to the advanced rebel outpost. All suppressors and long range scopes have been moved to the advanced rebel outpost. Added more weapons to the normal rebel weapons store.
  8. Happy to say we are making good progress and are steps closer to the test server! 0.b9 is 7 updates away and we are smashing through them! Cop stuff is push back towards 0.b5+ updates until I get compiled information for it in regards to how it will work. 0.b2 is finished and we have moved to 0.b3! COMPLETED: Fixed issue with crafting time not displaying any time. Fixed issue with crafting configuration throwing script errors. Removed cyrus from rebel stores and is now craftable / gainable from missions only. Added 5 Bergen backpacks to the weapons convoy mission as a reward. Removed mar-10 from rebel stores and is now craftable / gainable from missions only. You can no longer unload vehicles with igiLoad 50 meters near buildings. You now gain XP for every processed item rather than lot / per action. Adjusted floating KOS marker across convoy missions to a much bigger radius and added KOS warning to mission convoy map markers. Implemented Air, Plane Store & Garage at Molos and Feres runways. Fixed issue with stringtable displaying incorrect system chats for skilling system. Implemented Weapons Manufacturing Factory robbable mission. Added Maritime License to police licenses. Fixed issue with cops not being able to fix vaults of Art Gallery and Weapons Manufacturing Factory The Reserve Bank of Altis now has a random amount of bars (1 - 5 randomly) every server start and increase bars every 30 minutes (1 - 5 bars randomly). The Art Gallery now has a random amount of stolen artwork (1 - 5 randomly) every server start and increase stolen artworks every 30 minutes (1 - 5 randomly). The Weapons Manufacturing Factory now has a random amount of gun parts (1 - 5 randomly) every server start and increase in gun parts (1 - 5 randomly). Implemented new items for crafting and for the Weapons Manufacturing Factory: gun stock, gun body, gun spring & gun barrel.
  9. Different types of uwu - Facebook Video
  10. Proud to announce that the Alpha phase of the server has completed and is now in Beta! There sever will be live for testing once we reach 0.b9 update which is in 8 more updates! 0.b1 Is finished -> we're now at 0.b2! COMPLETED: Job system - You get 25 percent more money for every level you are in specific job. Job system - You get 1x more xp per level you are in specific job. Fixed series of errors accumulated over the updates. Implemented certificates training system. Picking up garbage now gives you 2500 XP for player level. Fixed localiation error for Jobs System. Changed default paycheck money for civ to $25. Logistics job now gives 3500 XP per drop off at depot for player level. Nerfed aiming speed and accuracy for the hitman job AI's. Jobs will not appear in the GUI if requirements for that job are not met. Fixed issue with Jobs system GUI showing incorrect new paycheck and bonus numbers on confirmation menu. Fixed issue with garbage man job not hiding garbage piles after picking it up. Implemented new job "Crop Dusting / Aerial Application". Implemented new Agricultural Chemical license for the crop dusting job. Configured the jobs system - Still needs more attention but is functional for release. Implemented Art Gallery to be robbable. Fixed error with criminal perk points system. Updated all License Infostands to show new Agricultural Chemical License & Distillery License. Moved Kavala gun store outside of Kavala safe area. Temporarily removed speed bomb from all shops until further notice.
  11. Should definitely get back into streaming bro, I’ll come have a geez!
  12. Damn, I didn't actually know that. That's cool - But yeah i really wanna know if there is crossplatform. There is going to be many console players hating it due to the amount of cheaters they'll get from pc platform :L
  13. That's a really good point, Yes I agree, If i imagine myself as a player and I hear the words "server wipes" i get a bit cautious on if I should play on that server so you're right. We're a fresh community just starting out and I definitely want to eliminate that thought players may get when deciding to play on our server. For now, There will be no scheduled wipes for the XtG Altis Life RPG server unless the community wants it or if we do grow a lot and there is too much money floating around the economy. Thanks for your suggestion @Booker. I've approved this!
  14. Jobs / Mission System for XtG Community's Altis Life RPG Server These jobs are subject to change at any time. Whether it be changed, removed, added jobs or different requirements differ from how this system will work with players over time after server release What is the Jobs System in XtG Altis Life? The jobs system gives all players something to do that can increase potential role-play scenarios and is perfect for keeping players moving and doing stuff rather than building their bank and declaring on cops when bored. About the Jobs System: Each job has its own set amount of XP and Level. This is a separate system from the other skills but they will communicate with each other for specific events. Each job will have a max level of 10, being that the higher level they are the more rewards they receive and if there is paycheck involved they will get the increased amount set to each level out of the 10 in that job. You will only receive the paycheck income of the current job / employment you have and it's allocated levels - This is only if the job gives you a paycheck increase as a reward. Illegal jobs are not government jobs therefore you don't get paid for those, instead you get cash payouts instantly which are quite large. Jobs will be have these requirements but some may not be limited: Total Player Level Requirement Total Player Level Perk Unlocked Licenses (Drivers for delivery / Rebel for criminal jobs... etc.) Certificates (Certificates they can do, answer a bunch of questions out of x amount right and unlock it for life until server wipe) How do players obtain or access these jobs? As stated above players will need the requirements in order for them to be able to see these jobs. The job system can be accessed through the player menu (Y-Menu). You'll be able to pick a job and you'll only be able to do that chosen job until you quit it and pick a new one. A fee for signing up to a new job is taken and depending on the job and it's rewards is depending on how much that job costs to get in it, The reason for this is obviously for economy sake but it's also for role-play. If you want to become a Uber Driver you'll need a car obviously so it'll cost about 25 percent of what a car is valued on the server and if you wanted to become an illegal hitman obviously you'll need to source your weapons and armor etc. which normally costs a fair bit - Although some jobs cost a fair bit to start, the rewards are definitely worth the fee. This requires the player to have money to make money, which is great for the economy. Currently, You do not need a player level to do any job. This may change in the future. What do I benefit from doing jobs? You can get rewards and better paychecks. When you start out in the server, You'll have barely enough money to venture out on your own. You'll want to start off with something easy going, Jobs is the way to go! You'll be supplied with a vehicle for more delivery jobs. For rewards, You'll always get whats in the description of each job but for every level you advance in you'll receive 25 percent more paycheck than the initial level 1 paycheck for that specific job and 1x exp gained for every level you advance. So for example, If you receive $200 paycheck and 50 exp in level 1, In level 2 of that job you'll receive $250 and 100 exp and so on.. CIVILIAN JOBS GARBAGE MAN - PICKUP GARBAGE BINS: Clear up random piles of garbage around the map and collect randomly spawned bins in front of houses. Requirements: Drivers License Truck License Rewards: Higher pay check income. XP to player level. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ LOGISTICS: Pickup boxes and deliver them to depots around the map. Requirements: Player Level 5 or above Drivers License Truck License Logistics & Transport Certificate Rewards: Higher pay check income. XP to player level. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ UBER DRIVER: Pickup food from restaurants and deliver them to homes. Requirements: Player level 15 or above. Drivers License Rewards: Higher pay check income. XP to player level. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ RESTRURANT CHEF: (COMING SOON) Become a chef and cook / process foods (specifically meats at the moment). - Buy raw meats and cook them at a Resturant in any city. Players must be at a resturant in order to do this job and cook meats. Requirements: Player level 20 or above. Hospitality Certificate Rewards: Higher pay check income. XP to player level. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CROP DUSTING - AERIAL APPLICATION Crop dust over random areas where aerial application is required. Requirements: Player level 30 or above. Agricultural Chemical License Pilot License Rewards: Higher pay check income. XP to player level. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ALCOHOL MANUFACTURER / BREWER BUSINESS: (COMING SOON) Craft Alcohol in the crafting system and sell it on the market. Players must be at a distillery in order to craft alcohol - They can be found around the map there are 3 distilleries. Requirements: Player level 30 or above. Distilling License Business Certificate Rewards: Higher pay check income. XP to player level. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hitman / Private Assassinator: Attend political areas on the maps where asked to and assassinate the target or targets. To get the marksmen certificate, they'll need to complete a firing range course and shoot x amount of targets in given time. Firing range must be the one at north rebel outpost. The civilian firing range only gives you a Markman's Certificate not the rebel marksmen training that is required for this job. At the moment the only targets are AI - we have the option to target players as well but I want to discuss this with the community. Requirements: Player level 90 or above. Rebel License Rebel Marksmen Training (You currently don't need this requirement to unlock this job.) Rewards: Cash reward per contract complete. XP to player level. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The below will added in the future. If you have suggestions, You can make one on the forums! Have a series of jobs that police can do. TODO Have a series of jobs that medics can do. TODO
  15. Quick guide on how to setup auto server restarts. There are a lot of outdated guides and different versions floating around. Here is the most recent stuff i found online and got it working 2021. Download BEC from here or from the forums mirror link here. Extract all files into a new folder called "BEC" inside the Arma 3 folder server directory where arma3server is (You don't have to but for simplicity just add it here and move it later if you want to for whatever reason). The contents extracted into the folder should have a few files like Bec.exe - Bec.lib, a few random files and 3 other folders. Make sure there is a folder called "battleye" in your server directory and make sure the following files have been created: beserver.cfg BEServer_x64.cfg bans.txt Depending on what arma 3 server you run (32bit or 64bit) will depend on what beserver config file will be used during session. Inside any of the BE SERVER configs put this inside it and edit it accordingly to your server. RConPassword MYPASSWORDHERE RConPort 2310 For some reason you don't need to set a password in the BEC's config file so don't worry about it but the password must be set for the server. Open the config folder and inside that folder you will find a file called Config.cfg - Open it with a text editor. Change these settings to suit your server: # Set the ip to your server. normally will be fine. Ip = # Set the RCon port to the server. # The recommended port is game port + 3 (so 2305 by default). # You must have a RCon port specified in BEServer_x64.cfg. Example: "RConPort 2305" Port = 2310 # Set the path to the BattlEye directory that is currently in use by the server. BePath = C:\Servers\xtg_arma3_altisliferpg\battleye Next edit the "Scheduler.xml" and replace it with this: You can edit this scheduler at any time. My one is 6 hours so the server will shutdown every 6 hours. The format to change the time is this: 00 = HOURS 00 = MINUTES 00 = SECONDS So if want job id=6 to run at 2 hours of server startup time i would put 020000. or 2 hours and 20 minutes would look like this: 022000. There always must be 6 numbers in the <start> parameter and can never be empty. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?> <Scheduler> <!-- Server restarts every 6 hours warning--> <job id='0'> <day>1,2,3,4,5,6,7</day> <start>000010</start> <runtime>004500</runtime> <loop>-1</loop> <cmd>say -1 This server automatically restarts every 6 hours.</cmd> </job> <!-- Server restarts in 2 hours warning--> <job id='1'> <day>1,2,3,4,5,6,7</day> <start>010000</start> <runtime>000000</runtime> <loop>0</loop> <cmd>say -1 Alert: This server will automatically restart in 5 hours!</cmd> </job> <!-- Server restarts in 1 hour warning--> <job id='2'> <day>1,2,3,4,5,6,7</day> <start>020000</start> <runtime>000000</runtime> <loop>0</loop> <cmd>say -1 Alert: This server will automatically restart in 4 hours!</cmd> </job> <!-- Server restarts in 30 minutes warning--> <job id='3'> <day>1,2,3,4,5,6,7</day> <start>030000</start> <runtime>000000</runtime> <loop>0</loop> <cmd>say -1 Alert: This server will automatically restart in 3 hours!</cmd> </job> <!-- Server restarts in 20 minutes warning--> <job id='4'> <day>1,2,3,4,5,6,7</day> <start>040000</start> <runtime>000000</runtime> <loop>0</loop> <cmd>say -1 Alert: This server will automatically restart in 2 hours!</cmd> </job> <!-- Server restarts in 15 minutes warning--> <job id='5'> <day>1,2,3,4,5,6,7</day> <start>050000</start> <runtime>000000</runtime> <loop>0</loop> <cmd>say -1 Alert: This server will automatically restart an hour!</cmd> </job> <!-- Server restarts in 10 minutes warning--> <job id='6'> <day>1,2,3,4,5,6,7</day> <start>053000</start> <runtime>000000</runtime> <loop>0</loop> <cmd>say -1 Alert: This server will automatically restart in 30 minutes!</cmd> </job> <!-- Server restarts in 5 minutes warning--> <job id='7'> <day>1,2,3,4,5,6,7</day> <start>055000</start> <runtime>000000</runtime> <loop>0</loop> <cmd>say -1 Alert: This server will automatically restart in 10 minutes!</cmd> </job> <!-- Server restarts in 3 minutes warning--> <job id='8'> <day>1,2,3,4,5,6,7</day> <start>055500</start> <runtime>000000</runtime> <loop>0</loop> <cmd>say -1 Alert: This server will automatically restart in 5 minutes!</cmd> </job> <!-- Server restarts in 1 minute warning--> <job id='9'> <day>1,2,3,4,5,6,7</day> <start>055900</start> <runtime>000000</runtime> <loop>0</loop> <cmd>say -1 Alert: This server will automatically restart in 1 minute SYNC DATA NOW!!!</cmd> </job> <!-- Server restarting warning--> <job id='10'> <day>1,2,3,4,5,6,7</day> <start>060000</start> <runtime>000001</runtime> <loop>10</loop> <cmd>say -1 Alert: This server is automatically restarting now - DO NOT START OR DO ANY TASKS!!!</cmd> </job> <!-- Shutdown Server --> <job id='11'> <day>1,2,3,4,5,6,7</day> <start>060100</start> <runtime>000000</runtime> <loop>0</loop> <cmd>#shutdown</cmd> </job> </Scheduler> Create this batch file and make sure you change all the paths to your server etc. Don't forge to set the "-bepath=" to the folder in the main directory of the server other you will run into issues as batteye needs to be configured correctly on the server. You should also change the path of the "-cfg=" and "-config=" if they're not in your main server directory and is somewhere else. @echo off title XtG Arma 3 Altis Life RPG Server and BEC Monitor by Elite IV mode con: cols=70 lines=7 COLOR 02 :start echo Monitoring XtG Arma 3 Altis Life Server and BEC... echo If errors arrise, please inform Elite IV to update the paths for this program. tasklist /FI "arma3server_x64.exe" 2>NUL | find /I /N "arma3server_x64.exe">NUL if "%ERRORLEVEL%"=="0" goto loop set svExe=C:\Servers\xtg_arma3_altisliferpg\arma3server_x64.exe set svPort=2302 set [email protected]_server;@extDB3; cd "C:\Servers\xtg_arma3_altisliferpg\BEC" start Bec.exe -f Config.cfg --dsc start "" /wait "%svExe%" -autoinit -cfg=basic.cfg -config=config.cfg -profiles=ServerProfiles -bepath=C:\Servers\xtg_arma3_altisliferpg\battleye -nosound -port=%svPort% -serverMod=%svMod%; echo BEC has shutdown the Arma 3 server - Restarting now. goto started :loop cls echo Arma 3 server and BEC is already running, running monitoring loop :started tasklist /FI "arma3server_x64.exe" 2>NUL | find /I /N "arma3server_x64.exe">NUL if "%ERRORLEVEL%"=="0" goto loop goto start That should be it, you should run the batch file that you just created from here only and it will run both the programs needed. BEC will start first then the Arma 3 server and it will wait until the arma 3 server is no longer in the process list then start both programs again. BEC (with the files currently provided and not changed) will shutdown itself after it loses connection to the Arma 3 Server. BattlEye-Extended-Controls-master.zip
  16. The last Alpha patch until we finally reach beta. In this patch we will finish up on base scripts and functions and move to more of polishing of base systems. Once we reach 0.b9 - Expect the server to be live for all players for stress testing! 0.a9 is finished, We have finished the Alpha version of the server. We've moved to 0.b1 now. COMPLETED: Fixed a bug with medic loading in and causing error with saving gear. Fixed bug reported by "Dragno" - The marker robberey in process isn't appearing on gas stations being robbed it's only appearing at North kav gas station Implemented hiding map markers on the map - Map Legend System. Implemented jobs & missions system. Implemented new East Rebel Outpost near Sofia. Huron price was changed to $3 million. Changed prices of M900, Hummingbird and Orca. Added radioactive area for uranium. Processed Akmal's server bug and suggestions report -> https://xtgcommunity.net/forums/index.php?/topic/99-few-ideas-and-bugs/ Temporarily fixed bug with accessories not showing for any guns in any stores. Fixed issue with some weapons in the normal rebel store not having any ammunition. Implemented Grand Exchange (Auction) system - player 2 player custom trading.
  17. Welcome to XtG Community's Official Altis Life RPG Server! This brief advertisement thread about XtG's Altis Life RPG Server and what it has to offer. The Launch Date: Not Announced Officially | Please keep an eye out for 0.b9 Patch Release! Major Server Content: Skilling & Perks System - Level up your skills in order to do more rewarding events/tasks and resources Multiple Robbable Sites - Rob the original Federal Reserve, Art Gallery, Weapons Manufacturer, Body Parts and more! Persistent economy system - We have a very well written economy system for our server. Plenty of resources - Many different types of illegal and legal resources to farm and earn money. Dual Prison System - We have a low security and max security jail for those who offend on different levels! Realistic Farming System - Farm your resources from actual objects in-game and move around when that object is depleted. Interactive AI Convoy Missions - Go get items that you cannot buy from shops from stealing them from AI Convoys around the map! Advanced Crafting System - Craft items scaled to your level - Unlock perks to craft higher caliber ammo and guns including vehicles! Auction System / Peer 2 Peer Virtual Trading - Trade any item/object including virtual and real items and vehicles for any set price! Other Content: Blindfolds, Gagging, Force Feeding your hostage! Indicators for vehicles! Custom GUI's made exclusively for XtG Community! Drag, Drop, Load and Unload dead bodies! Toilet System - You'll need to use the rest room over time as you consume food and drinks. Mobile Phone Battery - If your battery runs out on your phone, you won't be able to call anyone! Recharge it at a house if you own one or buy a new battery from the market. Our Life RP Mechanics: All illegal drug areas are KOS areas, Police have a chance of knowing someone has entered a drug plot. The entire Kavala city is a safe area, No hostile RP in green areas. We are not a combat RP server. All police and medics are whitelisted only. Community & Server Goals: We listen to all community and non-community members when it comes to suggestions. We take everything on board and discuss it with the general population of the server to see if it would be something people would like. We have much more to implement and new systems and features to give players. We've taken onboard a ton of awesome suggestions. XtG wants to thank you guys for helping shape the future of XtG's Altis Life RPG Server and bringing the old role-play days back to Arma 3 in the Oceanic region. We strive everyday to maintain a great community with genuine players that love to role-play and make RPG servers fun again. We're not a combat RP server and do not have any plans going that direction! Our staff team has a code of conduct to follow when they're caught in situations with players. We've created systems in place so you will not get a biased answer in regards to your situation if it involves a staff member! We currently have a solid player base of around 20+. This is expected to grow fairly quickly, so get in quick while the 3x Starting cash is valid for the first week of the server being live! Currently the starting cash is $300,000 but will be changed back to $100,000 after 1 week of release. Immersive & Well-Structured Police System We are building from the ground up a well written and stable police system. The police system is a very important part in any Role-Play server on Arma 3. We aim to achieve the role-play scenarios with our structured police system.
  18. Woooo 0.a8 - Every time we get through a patch we are one step closer to release. Remember, release is when 0.b9 has started! So if you see the 0.b9 thread in the forums updates section, then that means the server is live for stress testing! This patch has been finalized and we have moved onto 0.a9. COMPLETED: Implemented dragging and dropping (loading and unloading) dead bodies system. Dead bodies now remain on the server until server restart. Medics can now send dead bodies to the morgue. Implemented stealing kidneys system. Created illegal goods buyer shop. (Buys gold bars, artifacts, stolen artwork and other illegal stuff that's not heavily restricted) Created restricted goods buyer shop. (Buys highly illegal items like kidneys, human body parts, uranium, blood diamonds.) Moved South rebel checkpoint just on the border of the KOS area. Implemented kidney transplant option to all hospitals for 20k. Replaced main infostands at hospitals to NPCs. Placed green area and notification trigger over kavala city for safe area. Implemented force feeding to keep hostages alive for long role-play scenarios. Implemented zip ties system. Implemented gagging system. Implemented blindfolding system. A message now pops up if you try to eat raw meat instead of item being unusable. Implemented morphine system for medics. Implemented panic button for medics. Implemented show drivers license for civilians. Implemented capture police checkpoints system for police & civilians. Implemented "Call for backup" system for police. Implemented police training area to be used. Implemented maritime area to be used. Implemented teleportation system for Medics and Police to fast travel to other bases.
  19. Here is a brief thread on known bugs on our server. If you've found a bug, please reply to this thread and we will put it here in this thread so we know what needs to be fixed. Mainly bugs here are bugs that are not too game breaking but are annoying. DO NOT POST DUPES HERE! Message a staff member of this dupe, do not share it. Bugs listed below are not critical and do remain in the game until our prioritized todo list is completed and we have some downtime to process although Game breaking bugs will be fixed as a hotfix straight away and not postponed in an update. Player Stats Saving Issue (Food, Thirst, Battery & Toilet): Sometimes the client sends data to server that is not what it's expecting in regards to player stats. Issue: One of the stats is sending a float, not an integer, the var that is receiving this data is not expecting this and causes an error. Error in expression <"[90,60,0.00311463,55,84]> Error position: <_array;> File life_server\Functions\MySQL\fn_mresToArray.sqf..., line 26 File life_server\Functions\MySQL\fn_queryRequest.sqf..., line 108 Consequence: The player that is affected by this bug will login to the server with all stats besides health displaying "any". Health stat remains working as it's initialized client side every login. Temporary Solution: Player will have to ask a developer or high rank staff member to access the database and delete the "player stats" column in the altislife table when the player is not on the server or is in the lobby on the server. Notes for Developer: We need to parse the data when it's received client side correctly, check the other stats and see how they're parsing data properly as we may have missed that doing the "Battery" stat. Player Seeing Respawn Island on Respawn Interface Mode: Dead bodies on Arma 3 Engine can be difficult to reference in their current states. Issue: When a medic sends bodies to the morgue, if a player is waiting for a revive or is still in the respawn confirmation screen, the player camera will switch to their new pending playable character on spawn island. No Errors Client or Server side. Consequence: The player affected is the player who is dead. The player that is killed will be presented with a respawn screen, there is a camera in real time placed over the dead body of the player. If a medic "sends all dead bodies to morgue" through their player actions, the dead player that is currently on the respawn screen will result in their death cam showing their new pending playable character on spawn island. The death cam will only switch to this spawn island view if medics initiate "send all dead bodies to morgue". Temporary Solution: A player will have to either wait for a medic to revive them while their death cam is currently on their pending playable character on spawn island or respawn and initiate the new character. The new character will not spawn on spawn island and everything will still be normal apart from the death cam. Notes for Developer: It's a difficult problem, Dead bodies cannot be refferenced easilly and arma 3 commands are limited in this area. We've resulted to using "deleteVehicle allDeadMen" _x forEach... Not the best but it works, We need to find a way to tell the arma 3 engine the difference between a actual dead body and a dead body that is in pending state of respawn or revival. Therefore the camera will not switch when "allDeadMen" command is processed through arma 3 engine stack. A solution to this is unknown currently but is not a game-breaking bug at all and does not affect gameplay in a negative way. The player will not be able to see their dead corpse in pending mode if a medic sends dead bodies to a morgue.
  20. We are steps closer to release. In approximately 11 more updates the server will be live. The updates (patches) have decreased from 30 per patch to 10 now as we've hashed out all the major functionality of the server. The biggest systems left really are minigames and D&Ds, shop systems that aren't complete and the infamous police system. This patch is now complete and we have moved to 0.a8! COMPLETED: Fixed vehicle store spawn marker at Pyrgos. Implemented speed bomb function. Implemented car alarm for failed lockpick attempts on vehicles. Fixed issue with sky diving infostand not working. Disabled opfor faction temporarily. Changed jail map marker names to: Altis Mainland Low Security Prison & Altis Bay Max Security Prison. Sky Diving now gives you XP for: Player Level. Consuming drugs now gives you 100 criminal exp per drug you use. Consuming items like food and drinks now gives you 50 player exp per consumed item. Players now cannot consume food or drinks if they're already at 100 in food or drinks. Fixed issue with player initialization resetting player money to starting cash on server restarts or player disconnects. Implemented police vehicle C4 for destroying seized vehicles. Fixed issue with jail boltcutters not opening low security prison gates. Removed roof fences in the low security jail. Created new dialog for cops to send players to low security or max security. Fixed issue with cops sending players to low and max security jails. Breaking into jail gates or doors now gives 500 criminal exp. Implemented jail system for max security jail. Updated XtG Economy interface and implemented "Farming Level Required:" to all items. Fixed XP Gained interface not showing full description of action commited. Implemented option to disable broadcast of player leveling up in Player Settings.
  21. These servers will reopen on launch day with the Arma 3 XtG Altis Life 0.b9!! Get keen everyone!
  22. This project is closed currently and will not be reopened until we establish some player base on Arma 3. Thank you for everyones interest! I will reopen this thread when the time comes!
  23. Hey @Akmal. I will be processing this entire report in the 0.a9 update with you. Please be online on Teamspeak when i message you on Steam! As i wrote in 2020, most of these were fixed back in 0.a3 but i want to ensure everything is actually fixed in 0.a9! Thanks again!
  24. Hello @Kikidog23 Thank you for the suggestions, After along break - We are coming back and better than ever. I've added these suggestions to the TODO list in the 0.a9 update! Truck missions is definitely possible and will be added. The selected map markers (legend system) hide/show map markers is a little complicated but possible. I will do my best to implement this in the 0.a9 update! Hope to see you back on the server
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