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  1. Hey mate, I'll talk to Elite when I see him next and see what's happening. Apologies for the late reply. Thanks, Tonk.
  2. Sounds like a sick idea man. I never got into using FiveM but I'd be keen for sure.
  3. Name you go by: Tonkatsu or Killer Memestar Nicknames: Tonk, Memestar Age: 18 Interests: Anything visually creative, graphic design, photo/video, etc. Special Skills: Professional photographer & videographer. Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/pre_malone/ Snapchat: Fuck off cunt Discord: Tonkatsu#0001 Culture/Backround: Australian Height: 6'5" (~195cm) Gender/Sex: Male
  4. Make a new topic with this template: Name you go by: Nicknames: Age: Interests: Special Skills: Steam Profile Link: Snapchat: Discord: Culture/Backround: Height: Gender/Sex: Something about myself: You can write anything under the template, like a note or that you're happy to be here, etc. Remember to keep it civil.

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