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  1. Yeah I tried 4k gaming and not noticable on a small monitor and VERY demanding even on high tier, 144hrz monitor though.. Now thats lifes changing I wish I didnt sell my 1070ti as would of been peeeerfect for a 144hrz build
  2. The way I see it, I play Overwatch, CSGO and WoW get over 60 fps on all of the so no need for upgrade unless I take major in interest in a higher spec games, Owned a few high tier rigs and felt I was never getting proper use out of them
  3. Everytime I hold off I get told too hold off for the new one, I think im getting behind xD - Current build is using a 750ti which actually plays majority of my games perfectly fine..
  4. This motivates me too make some fresh montages - Better than ive ever been in CSGO
  5. Ive played that game, For a budget game with a low poly midget wielding knives its f**king terrifying!
  6. I personally believe they will be seperate to begin with as PC rust players would make newbies want to quit in five minutes lol, But just like fortnite people have proven to me they can keep up with mouse and keyboard.. (NO IDEA HOW) 2020 will be an exciting year for gamers!
  7. Whats everyones thoughts on rusts console release in 2020, Will it effect the PC version? How do you think it will work? Lets discuss!
  8. Name you go by: Miles Nicknames: Donny Age: 23 Interests: Cars. Computers, Outdoors, Photography Special Skills: FPS God, Voice Accents Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197960853328/ Snapchat: milehighzz Culture/Background: New Zealand - Family - Spanish and German. Height: 5'8 Gender/Sex: Male
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