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  1. I think a FiveM server would benefit our community really well, I’ve been looking at the population of OCE players in FiveM and the numbers are big, we can definitely gain people from it. Building a community from FiveM will also open more doors to other projects in the future. i think we should do it! oh and the option to keep your cash and xp across Arma 3 and Five M would be so damn cool! I love the idea!!!!
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    Hey XtG

    Name you go by: Bee / Jade Nicknames: Bee Age:17 Interests: gaming & sport Special Skills: good at listening Steam Profile Link: steamcommunity.com/id/xtgqueenbee Snapchat: N/A Discord: Bee#8930 Culture/Backround: Australian Height: 5.2ft Gender/Sex: female Something about myself: I like playing on Fortnite here and there, watching Twitch and apparently I sound like loserfruit Hey Everyone! I’m the new player supporter here at XtG Community! You’s can call me Bee or Jade! #XtG

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