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  1. I'v noticed that you guys may be focusing on a fivem but no updates or news has been made aware yet?
  2. FiveM is the newest and most popular RP atm you can do alot to fivem that you can't with arma without modding it is designed to do what you wish. I believe a community can be made from this also knowing your coding alot of custom scripts can be made with your skills
  3. IGN: Wolf Doe SteamID: 76561198133787776 What made you want to apply? I'v always enjoyed the aspect of policing because of the structure compared to gangs having set protocols and set ranks and positions different kinds of divisions that you can work towards What experience can I bring to the team? I'v had experience in both a command position from commissioners office. I'm currently a 2IC Chief Inspector on a popular FiveM server managing the GD units to come over to high command. I can bring my knowledge of running a successful GD Unit or other kinds of divisions al
  4. Enjoy watching RP? Well you've come to the right place see how cops take down criminals with a live footage of officer Doe in his finest both in Arma 3 and Fivem What to expect: Badassory policing from police chases, Major crimes, General Police and much more Channel Link: Here

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