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Found 2 results

  1. Full Name: Samuel Peter Arnoldt Date of Birth: 26/05/2004 Steam Account Link (SteamID64, Custom URL or URL): https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198272410263/ How did you find out about XtG Community ?: I stumbled across the XtG Community when I was looking for an RP server with a moderate-low player base. Why do you want to be an XtG Community Member ?: I wanted to find a server that I could join and help out with, I don't have much experience in Arma III other than being a leader's crayon muncher, so I'm willing and open to listen and learn to greater my experience here at XtG. How long have you already been involved with the community ?: Since 7:34:53 pm on the 02/08/20 I was on the Teamspeak 3 server and then I soon there after I arrived into the discord server at approximately 8:37 pm the same day.
  2. So after running into this problem, there was literally nothing on google or the Altis Life RPG forums about how to fix my issue. I actually had to debug everything to figure out my issue because mine was not a database issue or extDB issue. It was because i edited the map and removed an object lmao. I decided i wanted to help everyone running into this issue and i have compiled all the things you can check and hopefully fix your problem. By the way i am using Altis Life RPG 5.0, any other versions may be different. You may still use this as a reference for older frameworks. Problem 1: Accidentally removing a map object you probably didn't realize "master_group" Okay so the first thing i want to say is that my problem was map editing related. Yes you heard that right. After editing my map, i got the "Setting up client please wait". How this problem occured was when i removed an object from the map called "master_group". It's an object that the bank vault (Federal Reserve) is linked to so that a variable can be created linking it to its coordinates. I won't get to in-depth into that. The main reason was because upon server initialization, this map object needs to be defined otherwise the "life_server_isReady" variable will remain on false because the server is stuck on trying to define this object and has never reached the end of initializing the server. I set up extDB and the database correctly, i knew this by RPT and extDB logs. So as you can imagine i was so annoyed and confused i spent like 2 hours on this lmao.... The last thing i would've thought was a map change (removing an object which i kinda thought was useless) caused this issue. The solution to that is just to re-create a object and name it "master_group" (the object can be anything as long as the variable is "master_group") ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Problem 2: extDB.ini is not correctly setup This one is pretty easy, a lot of people get this wrong because the instructions they've followed missed these or never included them. In extDB.ini file found in the "@extDB3" folder you will see a section of code looking like this: [Database1] IP = Port = 3306 Username = arma3 Password = changeme Database = altislife Now obviously you must setup the IP to the IP of the MYSQL server you're trying to connect to (if it's local then just use and port should be default 3306), username and password section to the database username and password and the database to the name of the database on your mysql server that contains the tables for altis life. Once you're convinced that you've setup all those details right, you must see if "Database1" is being selected by the server, this is found in your "description.ext" located in your server's mission files. Edit that file and somewhere at the top in the config server class you'll see this: class CfgServer { DatabaseName = "altislife"; //Config name that'll be grep in the extdb-conf.ini. Default: [altislife] Now by default it'll be set to "altislife", you can change this to match "Database1" or go back to the extDB.ini file and change "Database1" to "altislife". Whatever you wanna do, as long as they both match, the server will know what to connect to. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Problem 3: Missing the DLL's for extDB3 This one is pretty simple, maybe you forgot to copy over the DLL files that were included with the extDB3 files either cause you forgot or didn't think you needed them. You do, to fix this simply just copy the DLL files into the main directory of your Arma 3 server. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you're still having issues (Obviously i haven't covered every single possible issue and solution) you can reply to this post with your rpt and extDB logs or questions and I'll try my best to help. Setting up databases and connection stuff can be a real tedious task at times.
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