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  1. Finally, I setup RCON. With lousy bits and pieces from over 3 videos and 10+ web pages. I've found out how to. Not one single thread or video explained it like the way i am going to. So hopefully you have stumbled upon this forum post after searching dauntlessly for a proper setup guide that actually works. The main problem is "RCON Port", we need to define this. No guide shows this when installing or using a RCON Tool. Especially if you've created a server on your home network and want to RCON it. (Server providers like StreamLine, Wombat, NSF, Villayer, etc already do this for you, so you can use this guide as a reference.) Okay so really, you'll see heaps of pages and videos and even the Bohemia Interactive wiki saying just add "RCon Password" to a cfg file inside the active battleye folder. Yes that's the case but there's more to it that needs to be explained for an inexperienced person to get his head around it. Okay, lets just make this easy. There are multiple ways the arma 3 server will select the default battleye folder from. We don't want this (unless you know where it is). So in the parameters of the server you want to add this: -bepath=C:\Servers\xtg_arma3_altislife\battleye Obviously above is the full example. Replace what needs to be replaced but that's the correct format for it. Next, obviously we need to go to the battleye folder in the arma 3 server files and finally create a CFG file named "BEServer.cfg" or "BEServer_x64.cfg" if you're using the 64bit version of Arma 3 Server and place this inside it: RConport 2301 RConPassword MY_PASSWORD_HERE Now if you're using a server provider, don't change the RCON port, that will mess everything up, but if you're hosting off your own dedicated server or home network use this port. (Assuming you're not hosting a program/server using 2301, if so, just find a port not being used and change it to that.) The RConPort should not be any of the game ports the ArmA3 server uses´╗┐ Set the RCON password to whatever you like but keep it secret or tell people who you trust with it as they'll have access to banning, kicking, etc. Run the server. RCON will be running in the background. To test, you'll need an RCON program that works with Arma 3. I've attached some archived rcon tools on this thread here that you can download. If you're using RCON on the same machine the server is being hosted off, use " with port 2301". If not then use the IPV4 Address. Remember to open these UDP ports in your firewalls.´╗┐ Source I hope this helps, when i found out how to fix this i was so relieved. For more information see BattlEye - Bohemia Interactive Community Wiki DaRT.rar
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