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Altis Life Server Rules

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XTG - Altis Life Server Rules




Welcome to our server rules and thank you for taking the time to read them. The following content in this post is the full and custom XTG- Altis Life Server Rules for XTG’s Arma 3 Altis life server. Any infringements on these rules whilst using the relevant XTG services may result in the offender being given a warning or a ban. The following rules are subject to change at any point without any warning, although a courtesy announcement will be made in-game for all players, so please check frequently for changes.

Recent Additions

Recent additions to our server rules will be added below to make keeping up with changes easier for all users.




General rules

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Safe Zones






Random Deathmatching(RDM)



Declarations And Demands



Hostages And Negotiations






Vehicular Deathmatching



Communication Rules



New Life Rule (NLR)






Road Rules



KOS Zones


1.1  General rules


  1. Users MUST treat all fellow members/users, within our community, with respect.
  2. No racism
  3. No immaturity or excessive trolling
  4. No Threats 
  5. Staff have final say and must always be treated with respect
  6. No spamming or glitching of any kind (Posting, Mic Spam etc)
  7. No cheating or hacking or use of any third party programs that give you a unfair ingame advantage, Macros are allowed
  8. No scamming
  9. No advertisement
  10. If you have any issues with another user, and you cannot solve the issue amongst yourselves, then and only then should you turn to staff support.
  11. Trolling/Griefing is not allowed on any of our services. (see 1.4 Griefing/Trolling)
  12. Hacking/Cheating or Exploiting  while using any XTGservers or forums may result in an immediate ban without warning (see 1.2 Exploits)



1.2  Exploits

These are considered exploits and may result in the offender being banned.


  1. Escaping jail through illegitimate game breaking actions ie. Glitching through fences/walls.

  2. Purposely duplicating any item or money.

  3. Knowingly using items or money acquired through hacking or duplicating.

  4. Abusing any features/mechanics/bugs in order to gain an advantage.



1.3  Safe Zones


In a ‘Safe Zone’ the following actions are prohibited and may result in the offender being kicked/banned without warning. 

  • Causing harm

  • Stealing

  • Exploiting

  • Blocking vehicle spawn locations

  • Impeding on another players actions or travels\

  • Trolling ( see 1.4)

The following is a list of all our safe zones:

1. Kavala Market 

2. All Police HQs

3. All Rebel Outpost (Excluding rebel KOS trader)



1.4 Trolling/Griefing


Trolling/Griefing is when someone purposely and continuously does something for their own entertainment at the expense of other players. The following are examples of what is considered trolling/griefing on XTG servers.


  1. Holding down the lock/unlock key in order to spam the sound effect.

  2. Generating microphone spam or chat spam.

  3. Following/Stalking another player with no legitimate role-play reason.

  4. Purposely blocking vehicle spawns.

  5. Robbing a player multiple times(2+) within 15 minutes.

  6. Purposely breaking laws to get caught by police.

  7. Consistently knocking out or running over players



1.5 Random Deathmatching(RDM)


Random deathmatching is the act of deliberately killing/shooting another player without a valid/legitimate role play reason.


  1.  Killing any player without having a valid role play reason is RDM. (see 1.12 Role Play)

  2. You may not kill a player that has fulfilled all demands given to them.(see 1.6 Demands)

  3. Killing a player after robbing them is not allowed unless they try to retaliate.

  4. The only times a hostage may be killed is when they fail to follow demands, or they are a hostage inside of a high risk situation and negotiations fail.

  5. A hostage may only be killed by the hostage taker/s otherwise it is RDM.

  6. RDM is only allowed if all parties involved are inside the same designated KOS area and may only happen inside that area.

  7. Any deathmatching inside of a designated Safe Zone is considered RDM. (see 1.3 Safe Zones)

  8. Killing a player whilst they are held in restraints is not allowed.

  9. If you are caught in the crossfire of an active firefight, this is not RDM 

  10. The killing of EMS will be seen as RDM they are there to save lives and do not pose a threat to you. If you do not want EMS to revive/heal an injured player simply say so and tell them to leave the area.



1.6 Declarations And Demands


A declaration is used to initiate any kind of hostile role play from one player to another. A declaration must have the following format in order to be valid, whether using In-Game Texting or Direct communication, [“Demand and Threat, Reason”] ie. “Pull over now or you will be killed, This is a robbery!”.


  1. All people that wish to declare as a group/gang must have the same  ‘Clan tag’ ie. [XTG] Akmal.

  2. A declaration on someone that is using a ‘Clan tag’’ is a declaration on all other players using the same ‘Clan tag’.

  3. All declarations must be made via the following two means, In-Game Texting or Direct Voice Communication. (no side chat or direct chat)

  4. Declaring on a player inside a moving vehicle must only be done using In-Game Texting.

  5. Declarations end at the end of the role-play scenario. for example, 'A police officer gives you a ticket, you pay the ticket, scenario over, declaration finished' In order for you till kill him you must re-declare on the police officer. Otherwise it is classed as RDM

  6. If the player has acknowledged your declaration and complied with your demands, you may not engage and must continue Role-Play. (If you decide to kill them while they're complying, this will be seen as Fail RP)

  7. If no combat has occurred for 15 minutes the combat/Declaration can be considered ended, as well as fleeing the area and not being chased. The declaration is not over if there is an active pursuit. 

  8. Any rebel clothing worn by a player can be seen as a probable cause for a personal search and licence check by police in any area. If searched is declined by civilian officers can then tase and restrain.



1.7 Hostages And Negotiations


  1. You cannot keep a hostage for longer than 30 minutes, this rule is exempt if you are finishing up the roleplay and it goes over the 30 minute mark.

  2. You must show proof of life by showing the hostage or letting the negotiator attend to the hostage before any demands are made.

  3. The reasonable demands of the hostage taker must be met. 

  4. All negotiations must be done face to face in game and any money must be done on site NO wire transfers. 

  5. Do not use a hostage that is playing with you as your friend or a gang member this will be known as metagaming. 

  6. Hostages must be unarmed.

  7. The negotiator of any hostage situation can not be taken hostage at anytime during the negotiations and must be unarmed before approaching.

  8. There can only be one hostage situation declared with the Police every two hours.

  9. Negotiations may only be paid in Items or Cash or vehicles (no armed vehicles)

  10. If negotiations are called off the active situation becomes a KOS zone to police and hostage takers.

  11. If the hostage is killed by the hostage takers all negotiations are called off and the situations becomes a KOS zone.



1.8 Aviation


All of the following is prohibited on the server:


  1. Purposely ramming a helicopter into anything.

  2. Flying below 150m in prohibited airspace consistently.

  3. Stealing helicopters without proper warning and significant time for the driver to lock their vehicle.



1.9 Vehicular Deathmatch

Vehicular Deathmatch (VDM) is the act of:

  1. Purposefully running people over. There are accidents, however actively going out of your way to hit someone is considered VDM and is a bannable offence.

  2. Purposefully  throwing yourself in front of a vehicle to hurt/kill self.

  3. Ramming into other vehicles to cause an explosion or to kill yourself/others.

  4. Constantly trying to to enter vehicles that don't belong to you in order to grief the owner And not trying to RP Constantly doing this Will result in your removal from the server.

  5. Stealing a vehicle to just crash it or blow it up is not allowed

  6. Purchasing multiple vehicles for the purpose of doing any of the above

  7. The only reason for shooting at a vehicle would be to disable it or firing warning shots

  8. Armored vehicles can only ram other armored vehicles (eg. Hunter vs Ifrit), no soft vehicles can ram or be rammed by armoured vehicles (eg. hatchback vs Hunter).


1.10 Communication Rules

  1. ‘Side Chat’ is strictly reserved for players asking questions. Any use of mics will result in an immediate kick without warning.

  2. Spamming will result in your removal.

  3. If you are in Teamspeak you must be in the appropriate channel.


1.11 New Life Rule (NLR)


1. If you were killed you must wait 15 minutes and not return to the scene of your death or the same situation

2. If you died during roleplay your past crimes/life are forgotten .

    (you also can't seek revenge)

3. If you're RDM'd it is not a new life. Only if an admin has acknowledged it is RDM 

4. If you are revived by a medic, you may rejoin or re-engage in the situation that caused your death.



1.12 Roleplaying 


  1. You must value your life in all situations

  2. All situations must have a valid roleplay backstory

  3. Do not break character in any situation. || *Unless speaking to admins

  4. Players involved with Whitelisted slots must have appropriate names. 



1.13 Road Rules

These are our road Rules we drive on the left hand side of the road in our server, not driving on the correct side of the road or speeding will result in Police action by the ASPF.


  1. In towns/Major cities: 60Km/h.

  2. Small roads/Dirt Roads: 80Km/h.

  3. Highways: 110Km/h.

  4. Drive on the Left hand side of the road.



1.14 KOS Zones


These are a list of KOS (Kill on sight) Locations/rules KOS zones are marked by Red circles on the map Both players have to be inside the circle you can not shoot inside to outside or outside to inside the zone to kill players. 


  1. All illegal drug fields and processes.

  2. All Drug dealers.

  3. All Gang hideouts are KOS.

  4. Any active Gas station robbery is a KOS to cops only not to passing civs.

  5. Camping outside of KOS areas is prohibited.

  6. Shooting into a KOS zone when the player is outside the red KOS area is prohibited unless a gang member is inside the zone and engaging in hostile action.



1.14 Reserve Bank Of Altis

  1. Anyone seen inside the area of the Reserve Bank during a robbery can and will be seen as hostile and can be dealt with lethal force
  2. If there is 5 or less police officers online, the police can disregard NLR just once and return to the situation.
  3. If all police have been killed and NLR is in-place the police can not camp gold trader as it is actively the same situation.
  4. When the Reserve bank is robbed (successful or not) it can not be robbed for a further 60 minuets.
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