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Arma 3 Update: Altis Life RPG - 0.A3

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0.a3 has finally been released to the public and is now live to play on the XtG Altis Life RPG Server!


Change Log:

* Fixed bug with players not being able to regain health from using food.
* Fixed dynamic market bug not updating and saving prices of server session.
* Fixed issue with Advanced Rebel license.
* Implemented a fart sound to toilet system.
* Fixed issue with toliet system not printing message in systemChat.
* Fixed Kavala infostand medic.
* Added Air & Land Garage to all rebel outposts.
* Added Store to Garage option to all rebel outposts.
* Added lights to advanced rebel outpost.
* Implemented sitting function for chairs.
* Added map objects for Kavala Market.
* Added map objects for Kavala Hospital.
* Fixed issue with Drop Point missions not working.
* Temporarly disabled sound and animation for anti-side chat function.
* Withdrawing vehicles from garages are currently free now.
* Changed Hunter HMG required cop level to 7.
* Changed truck license price to $2500.
* Implemented igiLoad function.
* Implemented color effects.
* Improved server FPS performance.
* Implemented server hint messages.
* Implemented custom weather system.
* Dead bodies are now lootable.
* Implemented Y-Menu player setting where player can skip intro camera.
* Fixed battery and toilet not replenishing to full after respawning.
* Removed FOG from the server.
* Implemented new prison system, location & objects to map.
* Implemented bus transportation system.
* You can now sit on chairs in Kavala Police Station.
* Added vehicle garage at Pyrgos.
* Added air garage and store at Pyrgos.
* Implemented anti autoclicker function.
* Implemented player skilling system.

Community Director of [XtG] - Xtreme Tier Gaming Community AU/NZ


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