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Altis Medic Service Rules

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There is a minimal amount of rules for medic, this does not mean the medic role can be exploited. Blacklists and bans will be handed to anyone found not using the medic role in the intended role play purposes. 

Altis Medic Service Rules

1.0 General Rules:

 1.1 Medics must NOT supply civilians with any medical equipment this includes;

  1. Vehicles
  2. Clothing
  3. Y menu items

1.2 Medics must NOT "pocket heal" certain players, friends or gang members;

  • Pocket healing is constantly staying and providing medical support to certain players and not attending to all other medical request.

1.3 Medics must NOT "AFK" whilst on active duty 

1.4 Medics are NOT allowed to carry or hold;

  1. Weapons and ammunition 
  2. Illegal items
  3. Civilian clothing
  4. Any Civilian item
  5. Any Police Items

1.5 Medics must only use Medic vehicles and no other.

1.6 Medics cannot be used as hostages.

1.7 Medics cannot be killed unless disobeying leave orders from armed rebels/civilians.

1.8 Sirens must be used at all times when;

  • Speeding to respond to a situation
  • At a scene of an emergency 
  • When returning people to a hospital for further treatment

2.0 KOS areas / Active Combat areas;

2.1 Medics are not permitted to attend to casualties in a area that has a active combat situation taking place.

2.2 In a active combat area if a medic has been messaged to leave the area, the demands of the Rebels must be met and the medic must leave immediately. 


3.0 Safezones:

3.1 Hospitals are safezones 

3.2 Medics must not wait in hospitals for a request for medical attention they must constantly be on patrol.





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