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Elite IV

Arma 3 Update: Altis Life RPG - 0.A4

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0.a4 has finally been released to the public and is now live to play on the XtG Altis Life RPG Server!


Change Log:

* (HOTFIX) - Fixed problem with Kavala air garage not spawning air vehicles. [Added on 0.a3 as hotfix]
* (HOTFIX) - Fixed problem with Rebel North air garage not spawning air vehicles. [Added on 0.a3 as hotfix]
* Updated SpyGlass configuration.
* Updated skilling system.
* Corrected spelling mistakes in some variable identifiers.
* Fixed issue with police not being able to repair Reserve Bank of Altis doors.
* Fixed issue with gathering and mining not giving XP.
* Repairing jail gates now give you 300 XP.
* Fixed issue with syncing data not working.
* Fixed Kavala car shop infostand being sunk in the ground.
* Fixed status bar not loading when player has disconnected from jail and rejoined.
* Fixed issue with North Rebel Vehicle Store not spawning vehicle when purchased.
* Fixed issue with spawning above the max secuirty box if player has disconnected from jail and rejoined.
* Added the Bergen backpacks to the rebel stores.
* Added sitting down and standing up function to office chair at Kavala Police Station.
* Fixed issue with cops not being able to spawn at Pyrgos.
* Disabled the economy dialog from being opened by police and medics.
* Temporarily fixed issue with backpack duplicating weight when opening and closing clothing store.
* Removed broken cop vehicle skins.
* Added a police station to Sofia.
* Change the Reserve Bank of Altis demo charge timer from 5 minutes to 7 minutes.
* Fixed economy system not updating prices.
* Fixed economy system not communicating with database correctly.
* Reworked economy system dialog.
* Added Item Class, Weight, Min & Max Sale Value to economy system.
* Change the Altis Correctional Centre trespassing zone to cover only the jail area.
* Fixed the oil field map marker between DP 9 and DP 23 being opaque.
* Fixed issue with batteries not saving on player or vehicle.
* Implemented missing police & civilian helicopter skins.
* Removed civilian colors from vehicles in police vehicle stores.
* Added KOS zones to all gang hideouts, illegal resource fields and illegal processors.
* Added SPAR-16, AKS-74U & Kozlice 12G to the Gang Hideout weapons store.
* Fixed Gang Hideout 1 (Marijuana) not being able to be captured.
* Added AK-12, CAR-95, MK14, Rahim and MXM to Rebel weapon stores.
* Added M320 LRR and LIM-85 to Advanced Rebel weapon stores.
* Changed M900 helicopter in civilian store to $100,000.
* Changed Hummingbird helicopter in civilian store to $200,000.
* Changed Orca helicopter in civilian store to $400,000.
* Changed Huron helicopter in civilian store to $2,000,000.
* Lowered prices in weapons store for normal Rebel and advanced Rebel.
* Changed Hemmit Box civilian truck to $375,000.
* Changed Tempest Transport (Covered) civilian truck to $300,000.
* Removed obstructing map objects at Gang Hideout 1 (Marijuana).
* Fixed issue with Kavala bus stop sending players into sea when travelling to Pyrgos.
* Implemented Realistic Farming System.
* Added missing fuel stations to the map.
* Implemented robbing fuel stations system.
* Implemented AAN dialog to appear on-screen when someone places the blastcharge on the vault.

Community Director of [XtG] - Xtreme Tier Gaming Community AU/NZ


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