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How to fix teredo is unable to qualify or server connectivity closed Xbox Live Multiplayer on Windows 10 PC

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Hello everyone,


There are so many videos and guides on how to fix this but I never found the solution until i came across a small reddit thread and thought i would share the fix here.


EDIT: 11/05/2021

So after restarting my PC and wanting to play Forza Horizon 4 again, Teredo and the connectivity was blocked and could not qualify again... Turns out windows 10 could be resetting my shit and it's annoying as fuck. Turns out putting those commands in first won't fix it. How i re-did the fix was go to Settings App -> Gaming -> Xbox Networking and then click "Fix It" option and then restart the PC and then finally running those commands below again while Command Prompt is in Administrator Mode. That should finally fix the issue again but remember when you restart the PC you'll have to do that again for Xbox Live to work... So bullshit. but it works..



I recently got Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition via the Game Pass but upon trying to play a multiplayer match the loading was stuck on "finding a horizon life session".

Which i thought at first i just wanted allowed to play until i was qualified but turned out to be that Xbox live couldn't connect to teredo properly or some shit like that.


Firstly, this won't work for everyone, people have fixed this issue simply by updating their windows to the latest version, some have disabled the firewall and re-enabled it to fix it, some have run a few commands, some have literally reset their whole computer or reinstalled forza. I done none of those but ran these following commands with "Command Prompt" on Administrator Mode.


netsh int teredo set state disable
netsh int teredo set state type=default
netsh int teredo set state enterpriseclient
netsh int teredo set state servername=teredo.remlab.net


Obviously the teredo issue affects the whole Xbox Live matchmaking and other features that utilize teredo but i was only affected by this due to wanting to play Forza Horizon 4 online, Never had this issue as i don't play any other games that use Teredo via Xbox Live Network.


Hope this helps, It did for me.

Community Director of [XtG] - Xtreme Tier Gaming Community AU/NZ


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