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Application Template for XtG Staff Member

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Application Template for XtG Staff Member

Becoming an XtG Staff Member is a big responsibility and is only for people who want to dedicate their efforts in helping XtG strive forward. If accepted you will be given a set of roles and responsibilities that you must understand. We take selecting our staff very carefully, we are looking for mature and friendly people that can sort any sort of issue that can occur online. If you want to become more than a supporter and be involved in the development side, then this is the right place.


Each rank has their own "Staff Manual", if you're accepted from here. A rank will be assigned to you and you can view the Staff Only forum section and read your Staff Manual.


The chances of becoming an XtG Staff Member are greater if you:

* Have known XtG Community in its previous past.

* Are known by some other XtG Staff Members.

* Mature, Active & Friendly.

* Active on our Teamspeak server.


If you don't have a steam account you may leave the question blank.

Below this line is a application template for applying to become an XtG Staff Member. When you're ready to submit the application, Highlight everything below this line and Create a New Topic here.



Full Name:

Date of Birth:

Steam Account Link (SteamID64, Custom URL or URL):

What role in the community are you interested in ?:

What can you bring to the community ?:

Why do you want to become a staff member ?:

How long have you been apart of the community ?:


In as many words as you like, Tell us about yourself:




Community Director of [XtG] - Xtreme Tier Gaming Community AU/NZ


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