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Arma 3: Altis Life RPG 0.a7 Update

Elite IV

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We are steps closer to release. In approximately 11 more updates the server will be live.

The updates (patches) have decreased from 30 per patch to 10 now as we've hashed out all the major functionality of the server.

The biggest systems left really are minigames and D&Ds, shop systems that aren't complete and the infamous police system.


This patch is now complete and we have moved to 0.a8!


Fixed vehicle store spawn marker at Pyrgos.
Implemented speed bomb function.
Implemented car alarm for failed lockpick attempts on vehicles.
Fixed issue with sky diving infostand not working.
Disabled opfor faction temporarily.
Changed jail map marker names to: Altis Mainland Low Security Prison & Altis Bay Max Security Prison.
Sky Diving now gives you XP for: Player Level.
Consuming drugs now gives you 100 criminal exp per drug you use.
Consuming items like food and drinks now gives you 50 player exp per consumed item.
Players now cannot consume food or drinks if they're already at 100 in food or drinks.
Fixed issue with player initialization resetting player money to starting cash on server restarts or player disconnects.
Implemented police vehicle C4 for destroying seized vehicles.
Fixed issue with jail boltcutters not opening low security prison gates.
Removed roof fences in the low security jail.
Created new dialog for cops to send players to low security or max security.
Fixed issue with cops sending players to low and max security jails.
Breaking into jail gates or doors now gives 500 criminal exp.
Implemented jail system for max security jail.
Updated XtG Economy interface and implemented "Farming Level Required:" to all items.
Fixed XP Gained interface not showing full description of action commited.
Implemented option to disable broadcast of player leveling up in Player Settings.

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