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XtG Community's Arma 3 Altis Life RPG Server Known Bugs Thread

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Here is a brief thread on known bugs on our server. If you've found a bug, please reply to this thread and we will put it here in this thread so we know what needs to be fixed. Mainly bugs here are bugs that are not too game breaking but are annoying.

DO NOT POST DUPES HERE! Message a staff member of this dupe, do not share it.



Bugs listed below are not critical and do remain in the game until our prioritized todo list is completed and we have some downtime to process although Game breaking bugs will be fixed as a hotfix straight away and not postponed in an update.


Player Stats Saving Issue (Food, Thirst, Battery & Toilet):

Sometimes the client sends data to server that is not what it's expecting in regards to player stats.

Issue: One of the stats is sending a float, not an integer, the var that is receiving this data is not expecting this and causes an error.

Error in expression <"[90,60,0.00311463,55,84]>

Error position: <_array;>

File life_server\Functions\MySQL\fn_mresToArray.sqf..., line 26
File life_server\Functions\MySQL\fn_queryRequest.sqf..., line 108


The player that is affected by this bug will login to the server with all stats besides health displaying "any". Health stat remains working as it's initialized client side every login.

Temporary Solution:
Player will have to ask a developer or high rank staff member to access the database and delete the "player stats" column in the altislife table when the player is not on the server or is in the lobby on the server.

Notes for Developer:
We need to parse the data when it's received client side correctly, check the other stats and see how they're parsing data properly as we may have missed that doing the "Battery" stat.

Player Seeing Respawn Island on Respawn Interface Mode:

Dead bodies on Arma 3 Engine can be difficult to reference in their current states.

Issue: When a medic sends bodies to the morgue, if a player is waiting for a revive or is still in the respawn confirmation screen, the player camera will switch to their new pending playable character on spawn island.

No Errors Client or Server side.


The player affected is the player who is dead. The player that is killed will be presented with a respawn screen, there is a camera in real time placed over the dead body of the player. If a medic "sends all dead bodies to morgue" through their player actions, the dead player that is currently on the respawn screen will result in their death cam showing their new pending playable character on spawn island. The death cam will only switch to this spawn island view if medics initiate "send all dead bodies to morgue".

Temporary Solution:
A player will have to either wait for a medic to revive them while their death cam is currently on their pending playable character on spawn island or respawn and initiate the new character. The new character will not spawn on spawn island and everything will still be normal apart from the death cam.

Notes for Developer:
It's a difficult problem, Dead bodies cannot be refferenced easilly and arma 3 commands are limited in this area. We've resulted to using "deleteVehicle allDeadMen" _x forEach...
Not the best but it works, We need to find a way to tell the arma 3 engine the difference between a actual dead body and a dead body that is in pending state of respawn or revival. Therefore the camera will not switch when "allDeadMen" command is processed through arma 3 engine stack. A solution to this is unknown currently but is not a game-breaking bug at all and does not affect gameplay in a negative way. The player will not be able to see their dead corpse in pending mode if a medic sends dead bodies to a morgue.


Community Director of [XtG] - Xtreme Tier Gaming Community AU/NZ


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